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Boo! You’ve Been Ghosted, It’s Time To Move On

Let’s be honest — we’ve all been ghosted before. The term stems from the feeling of not receiving a reply; like a ghost, the person just disappears from your life. The number of times this happens to people is outrageous. You could be having the best deep conversation of your life, yet they don’t reply for days and leave their read receipts on. It feels like a slap in the face, but it’s time to stop letting this define our lives. 


This has no reflection on you — it’s them as a person

As the saying goes, everyone is the same to everyone. If it only took this person less than a minute to ignore you, then you should be spending even less time thinking about them.

This is your time to be cherished by others

It’s essential to not take this time to mope around, but to instead spend time with your friends and family. They’re there to help you and they think you’re awesome. 

It’s all about time and reflection

It’s possible he was leading you on this whole time. Maybe he ignored you at the very beginning. No matter the case by case scenario, you need time to heal and reflect on the situation. 

There are better ones out there

I’m not going to say it’ll happen right away, but there’s hope. This person didn’t work out, but there are so many more people in the world. Don’t give up so soon. 

You have all the control over the situation

Even though it seems the cards are in his favor because he was the one with the last word (or lack thereof), you can control this. You can be the bigger person and delete them from your phone, unfollow them, unmatch them, or do whatever you need to do. This is your way of telling them you won’t take any of that from anyone. 

Spend your time doing stuff you love

It’s annoying to get your time wasted, so you should make up that time with activities you enjoy. For every hour of time wasted, spend an equal amount doing activities that bring you joy. Instead of getting annoyed by the situation, you will have a more positive experience doing what you love. 

You need to sit back and think about if the person you’re pursuing is someone worth your time. If they aren’t putting in the effort now, imagine how much less they will as an actual partner. 

Hannah enjoys romcoms, young adult fiction books, and binging Netflix shows. When she's not procrastinating, she finds herself writing stories as her dream is to become a published book author one day.
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