Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani: The New PB&J

When you first encountered PB&J as a child, you were probably confused by the combination. "Why do those two go together," you asked your mother. "Just try it and see," she replied. And that is when your life changed forever.

When The Voice coaches, Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton, confirmed their new relationship status, it definitely was a shock. No one expected them to date right after splitting from their respective long-term marriages. While it came as a surprise, the new couple's status might not change your life forever. Yet like PB&J, they are for sure an interesting combination. 

Here are some common reactions people had towards this new power couple:

1. "Well that's weird."

I definitely can agree that when Stefani's reps exclusively confirmed to US Weekly that they are dating, I was very surprised. I would never have thought that these two would become an item. Yet they have. The union of pop and country is an interesting one, yet it might just work in their benefit. They work in the same industry, so they understand the craziness of their jobs. But because they cater to different music genres, they won't feel competitive about their careers when around each other. 

2. "Aren't they married to other people?"

Until this past summer, they were both married to other people- but not anymore. Both Stefani and Shelton have filed for divorce and have signed the papers. They are single and ready to mingle... with each other. Despite how soon this is after their respective divorces, I do hope that they aren't just rebounding. The added factor of  being co-workers can make it awkward if they end up splitting in the future.

3. "Well they could work. They are both pretty dorky."

There is definitely a lot of chemistry between these two. Their cute flirtation is adorable during their Hotline Bling duet and on The Voice. As long as they stay true to themselves and accept each other as they are, they have a great chance at making it work long-term.

I am very excited to see this couple's relationship unfold as time goes on. They seem to get along well and enjoy each other's presence. Only time will tell the fate of these two, but if PB&J sandwiches are any indication, Blake and Gwen are here to stay. 

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