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The Bittersweet Thoughts of a College Senior

Being a college senior is something everyone looks forward to from day one of freshman year. You daydream about walking across the stage and shaking the president of your university's hand as you kiss away classes, homework, and GPA's for life. Yet, along with the exictement of impending adulthood, senior year has a bittersweet tint to it. You begin to realize how much your life is going to change. Things that were a given during those four years in college will seize to be a reality for you and the era of #adulting truly begins. Take a stroll with me as I breakdown the bittersweet moments you will experience during senior year. 

1. Realizing you have to say goodbye to your friends.

This is probably the worst realization of them all. These are the people you have shared life with for the last few years and imagining things changing is difficult to process. This realization is the one that makes me the most sad, because I know I won't see my friends as much as I do now. *insert crying emoji*

2. Having to officially become an adult.

Aka Peter Pan sydrome. We do not want to grow up and have to "adult." I don't want to pay bills, have a full-time job, cook for myself, etc. Yet, at last, the day has come and I must do all this. #Adulting

3. For some, applying for grad school.

Ewww. More school. GRE. College application 2.0. Barf. Yet, very necesssary if your career requires it. 

4. Not being a student anymore.

This is the most odd feeling. After roughly 16+ years of being a student, all of a sudden that is not the case anymore. You don't have a class schedule to abide by, or homework, quizzes, midterms, or finals. That life is all behind you. Yay! But low key weird. I still dig it, though.

5. Not wanting to do any schoolwork AT ALL.

Senioritis is very much a real concept...just don't let it hold you back from graduating. You think your procrastination is cute unitil you have a 1.9 GPA and you're on academic probation. Stay focused and get your diploma, honey. You are at the home stretch!

6. Wondering where you are going to live next.

I hope it's not with your parents. I hope it is not with that roommate you hate. Hopefully you have an amazing apartment with all of the works. You deserve it!

7. Feeling extremly pressured to find a significant other.

Seems like everyone is getting engaged/married/pregnant. Talk about pressure from social media, family, and friends. Not to metion that fact that you really want to have something more serious happening in your life romantically than what you have going on currently. If you fall into the taken cateorgy, congrats! You truly have been blessed by the big man upstairs. 

8. Realizing you have to pay back your student loans.

 Oh my gosh. Shoot me. Why did we do this to ourselves? Pay them back ASAP! #MuchRegret #BrokeCollegeStudent



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Michelle is a UCF junior interdisciplinary studies major and marketing minor who loves Youtube, primetime tv shows, and her dog Pepper. Being that she is a new Knight, she loves all thing UCF, especially if her bae Knightro is involved. In her spare time, you can find Michelle hanging out with friends, binge-watching her favorite Youtubers, or jamming to BillBoard Top 100. If you are at a lost for words when talking to Michelle, bring up her celeb crush Tom Hiddleston and you will be set for life. She really loves that man. Follow her on Twitter for insight on UCF and everything else bouncing around in her brain! 
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