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Billy Giovanetti ’12

Your Fullback

Name: Billy Giovanetti 
Year: Senior

Major: Communications with a Minor in Marketing

Hometown: Winter Park, FL

Relationship status: Single

Campus Involvement: UCF Football, # 32 Fullback

Dream girl: She has to have a sense of humor and be able to have fun. I like girls who can just hang out and go with the flow. She definitely needs to be competitive because I’m a pretty competitive person. 

Dealbreakers: Well…. 1: She can’t be too clingy. 2: She can’t be too much of a girly girl. 3: She can’t try and play hard to get, because that doesn’t work. But at the same time don’t be easy. 4: She can’t have a boyfriend. 5: She has to like sports.
Fun Fact: I love dogs and golfing.

Favorite College Memory: Definitely winning the CUSA Championship and Liberty Bowl.

Three words: Fun, passionate, relentless

There you have it ladies, a fool proof way into this stud’s heart! 

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