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Thrift and second-hand stores are the best way to find items that no one else has and at a great price. Fast fashion has also become a big problem in today’s society — companies are rapidly producing clothing, consumers are buying into micro-trends, and an overload of clothes ends up in landfills year after year. It is said that over 80% of all secondhand clothing ends up in a landfill. So take this as your sign to decrease that number and start shopping secondhand.

Most trends from previous decades and eras end up coming back around and the best place to find clothing directly from those times is at the thrift store. I’m here to share with you the best thrift shops around the UCF area.


Goodwill is a well-known favorite thrift store that most people are aware of. Even though it is the most common, it doesn’t mean it isn’t good, and you’re bound to find something of value in between racks. You can almost always find one near you and there happen to be two good ones near UCF. One in Oviedo at 1819 Alafaya Trail and the second in Waterford Lakes at 12170 Lake Underhill Rd.

The HOPE Chest Thrift Store

This thrift store is owned by the HOPE organization which works to prevent and reduce homelessness rates across the Central Florida area. They receive donations for their shop from the local community and it is definitely worth stopping by not only to help their cause but possibly discover some great finds. You can find them in Oviedo at 1802 W Broadway St.

OMG! Thrift

The OMG! Thrift is a one-of-a-kind thrift store that sources its inventory from all around the United States to help create jobs in our community and repurpose clothing that would’ve otherwise been tossed out. This thrift store is a bit more of a commute being in Casselberry but is worth the commute and can be found at 1442 FL-436 #1028.

Duckie’s Vintage Boutique

These next few stores aren’t technically considered thrift stores but instead vintage stores. Their clothing is more hand-picked and certified vintage, which can make it a bit more pricey than a thrift store but you are sure to find some cool one-of-a-kind pieces. Duckies Vintage takes donations from the community and 100% of their income goes to support Penguin Point Educational Theater, a nonprofit that provides art classes to those of all ages. Not only do they have cool vintage clothing, but you can also find things like vinyl records and vintage home decor. They are located in the Oviedo Mall at 1195 Oviedo Mall Boulevard.

The Owl’s Attic

This vintage store is definitely a favorite of mine that I couldn’t bear to gatekeep. They handpick the vintage items they sell and help out local small businesses by displaying and selling them in-store. They are also known to sell plants and vintage furniture alongside their clothes. The vibes and display of the store make me feel like I’ve traveled back in time. They host a market almost every Sunday which is a must-see if you’re going to visit. They are also a bit of a drive to get to but always worth it, located at 3106 Corrine Dr.

I hope this list inspired you to give thrifting a try and check out one of these local spots for yourself, happy thrifting!

Lauren Sheehan is a Junior studying Forensic Science at the University of Central Florida and this is her first year writing with Her Campus. She was born and raised in Miami, Florida so she evidently loves the beach and sunny days! She also loves going to the gym, hanging out with friends, and listening to music.