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Best Memes from the Second Presidential Debate

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCF chapter.

This year’s presidential election has been a difficult one to process. With our country’s future in the hands of two individuals that some of the American population doesn’t trust or fully believe in, it is no wonder our fellow Americans are turning to “memeing” (the action of creating humorous memes for the enjoyment of a group of people) to relieve the stress and panic of our country’s impending doom. Below you will find a complication of the best memes and videos from the infamous 2nd presidential debate.

1. Trump and Clinton sing a little duet.

This video was one in many “karaoke debate” clips to surface the internet after the second presidential debate. Overall, it was pure gold. When it surfaced on my Facebook news feed, I actually smiled about something related to this presidential election. For starter, the creator of this video has fantastic taste in music. “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life” is a classic song to jam out to and Trump and Hilary let their karaoke flags shine proudly. I almost liked them after watching it…almost. But reality hit me that the video is fake and our future leader isn’t someone cool that would drop a sick karaoke session on the fly. Though, I say a karaoke portion should be added to the next presidential election. It might help lighten the mood. Also, it genuinely looks like they are singing! The magic of editing is truly beautiful. Props to the man or woman who created this masterpiece for our viewing pleasure. It has been quite the rage in my group of friends on Facebook. To watch this video in all its glory, click here

2. Trump’s Scandalous Encounter with an Innocent Chair

Who would have thought leaning on a chair could be such a hot topic? Well, we have underestimated Trump’s creepiness once again. Twitter users were feverishly writing about the poor chair that was subjected to Trump’s “sexual” touch during the second presidential debate. With all the sexual assault allegations coming Trump’s way in light of his past disrespectful comments and behavior towards women, it doesn’t surprise me that this simple movement sparked a host of inappropriate conclusions from many presidential debate viewers. I was glad to see Americans coming to defend this marginalized chair. At least the chair can rest assure its story has been heard loud and clearly.

3. The Birth of Ken Bone

What a man. That red sweater paired with black-rimmed glasses and a strong moustache. The undecided voter showed himself to be smart, sharp and loved by America at the previous debate. With a simple question on energy policy, he captured America’s heart with his warm and cuddly appearance and now America wants more of Ken Bones. Since the debate, Bones has found internet stardom and has seen his twitter followers increase from 7 followers to over 250,000 followers. He was the much need lighthearted moment in a middle of the horrendous verbal fight between Trump and Clinton. He wasn’t the hero we wanted. He was the hero we needed. Yet, it seems after interacting with his newfound fans, his 15-minutes of fame might be over sooner that Bones expected.

4. The SNL Skit

The skit poked fun at all the ridiculousness that was the last presidential debate. From the awkward walking around the stage to the overly rehearsed leaning on chairs from the candidates, it was all magnified for our humor. Heck, we even got a cameo from Ken Bones! We also got the famous “one thing you like about the other candidate” question. SNL definitely nailed parodying the debate. Props to SNL, Alec Baldwin and Kate McKinnon for bring us quality humor and acting during such a scary political time in our history.

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