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The Best DIY Halloween Decor I’ve Seen on Pinterest This Week 

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Finding the perfect decor for your dorm can be hard enough, but trying to make your room festive for the fall season can be even harder. As tempting as it is to overload your Amazon shopping cart with cute fall decorations, it’s not always the most wallet-friendly solution. Although there’s nothing wrong with shopping on Amazon or taking a quick trip to TJ Maxx, it can be much more fun to break out some arts and crafts to get in the holiday spirit.

Paper ghosts

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This popular craft is incredibly cheap and easy! All it requires is newspaper or book pages, clothespins, cotton string, scissors, a hole puncher, and a pencil. This adorable garland is a perfect addition to any doorway or window. 


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This easy craft is a great group activity, regardless of whether it’s a roommate bonding moment or just something to do with friends. You’ll need orange yarn, green yarn, a fishing line, a book, and scissors. 

No Sew Ghost Pillow

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This ghost pillow is a great way to add a little Halloween spirit to your bedroom or living room. You can find most of these materials at Target, Walmart, Michaels Craft Store, or Dollar Tree. You’ll need a foam skull, super-soft car sham, hot glue, black felt, and scissors. 


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I absolutely adore this piece of fall decor. It’s a great activity to do with friends and the end result doesn’t violate any potential dorm rules! All you need is air-dry clay, tealights, any sharp object to poke holes with, and a small cup or jar. I think this piece would look great on any table, desk, or dresser. 


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This spooky haunted house is a fun decor piece to add to any window sill. Repurpose any old Amazon box with this DIY. You only need cardboard, scissors, and black paint. A fun way to level up this piece is by adding purple or orange lights behind the house to illuminate it further. 

It can be difficult to get into the Halloween spirit when you’re away from home, but with these super cute and easy DIYs, you can get your dorm Halloween-ready. 

Anna Reed is a current student at UCF double majoring in Political Science (Intelligence and National Security) and Theatre Studies BA. In her free time, Anna loves to express herself creatively through writing, cooking, singing, dancing, and acting. She also is a huge theme park enthusiast,plant collector, and music/film buff.