The Best Day of The Year: Taylor Swift's 1989 Concert!

If there’s any day that deserves to be declared a holiday, it’s the day of a Taylor Swift concert. Swifies, agreed? Agreed.

Taylor agrees too.

I can’t even put in words how FREAKING EXCITED I am to go to the 1989 concert in Tampa…but I’ll really try. I’ve been anticipating this day since the tickets went on sale, almost an entire year ago, so excuse me while I word vomit all of my Wildest Dreams I have for 1989!

From the ultimate celebrity guests, her beautiful costumes, the fabulous back-up dancers, and well…Taylor herself, it’s bound to be an unforgettable night. Her concerts are more than just an average singer’s, she legitimately puts on a show and makes you feel like you’re in the setting of all of her songs. What makes Tampa’s show even more special is the fact it’s on Halloween, and it is the last stop of her tour in North America! PARTAY!

A Taylor Swift concert on Halloween means you basically have to dress up, and Tampa being the last stop in North America, means she basically has to go all out. The anticipation of who will be accompanying her is driving Swifties who have yet to see her, crazy. Absolutely CRAZY.

Even if she had no guest stars she’d be awesome, because she’s had none before and I definitely never complained at any previous Taylor Swift concerts. But now that she is sharing the stage with icons that many of her fans resonate with, it just makes her that much more amazing. She’s catering to everyone’s interests in music and incorporating country stars, rap stars, and TV sensations. Just for all the Swifities to be like “OMG IT’S *name of artist here.*

Here’s 10 reasons alone to go to her show:

1)   Justin Timberlake

2)   Phoebe Buffay (Lisa Kudrow)

3)   Nick Jonas

4)   Steven Tyler

5)   Keith Urban

6)   Mick Jagger

7)   Wiz Khalifa

8)   Selena Gomez

9)   Ellen DeGeneres

10)  Ellie Goulding

I could name 20 more reasons but I think hearing Phoebe sing “Smelly Cat” and the legend, Steven Tyler, sing “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing,” is enough. Is she BFF’s with everyone?! The dream. This Taylor Swift tour is a huge one to attend as she embraces her appearance as an all-pop singer, and tours with her insanely successful 1st all-pop album, 1989. (Successful is an understatement, TS could be president.) I can't wait to hear her inspirational speeches before certain songs, see her completely jam out on stage- because she can- and I'm really excited for her set list and not knowing which songs she will open and close with. The atomosphere of TS concerts is unlike any other, and seeing everyone dressed up Taylor-esque is every Swiftie's favorite. I'll be spending Halloween road triping to Tampa, playing 1989 on repeat, and taking too many pictures. Taylor Swift trumps Halloween parties. But Taylor Swift trumps anything to be honest.



I just can't wait to see her dramatic leans and head swings!

What are you most excited about?

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