April 2018 Horoscope: A Look at Your Month Ahead

Honey, the first couple of months in 2018 have been rough.  

If you have felt as if your life has been comparable to a scene out of Trainwreck, you are not alone. As of October of 2017, Jupiter has been in Scorpio, digging up all kinds of secrets and unavoidable realities. On top of all of this, Mercury has been in retrograde. However, good things are on the way. Soon Jupiter in Scorpio will connect with Pluto in Capricorn on April 14th, bringing in much needed introspect on our lives in time for spring and the cleansing of negative energy and factors within our environment. So if you find yourself holding onto that day where your roommate left the dish out or that toxic friendship that is only bringing you down, let it go girl. This month is about new beginnings, and shaking off that chill of winter and jumping into the golden hour of spring and summer.

Here’s your April horoscope babe, we’re rooting for you.



A new moon is heading towards your sign April 15th, and it will weld and ignite your passions with your emotions. Though you tend to be transparent with your feelings and typically keep them in the foreground, try to not take everything personally, and embrace this month because it’s your season! You’ll feel inspired and motivated, but remember that though you may feel an impulse to jump right into your ideas and inclination, remember that until April 19th, Mercury is still in retrograde and reflection is still more important than ever. April 24th will spark the social butterfly in you as Venus moves into Gemini, meaning that this is no time to get into your feelings Ram. Now is the time to meet new people, be bold, take chances on a new someone, or just make new friends. So while on this train of regeneration and reflection, don’t be afraid to embrace your month and passions, go and kill it out there, after all it is your birthday month, and you like to have your cake and eat it too. So let them eat cake.


Taurus season is almost upon us, and while the glitter and shine of your birthday month gleams in the distance, the beginning of April may be a strange one. Your most ambiguous section of your chart occurs within April, meaning it can either lead to anxiety and restlessness, or dreams and a heightened sense of instinct. As someone who is an empathist, the April 15th new moon in Aries will drain you if you do not center on your mental health and emotions. This period will be devoid of light and will leave you feeling unsure of your mind and emotions as a whole. Take this month to focus on you, taking a break from the toxins that are in your life and washing it away from your psyche. Take those naps, put on that face mask, and take this time to reflect on you and the equilibrium of your lifestyle.


The power of Suave is with you this season Gemini, for Venus is in your sign. Whether looking for love, or in a partnership, April should be a period where the romance in your life becomes glowing and perky. This month it’s your DM’s that are all a’twitter and  you’ve hit the romance motherload with the spring blooming, so keep an eye out for new chances to try something new or start afresh. Always the CEO in your group, the new moon is a great opportunity for planning, and you always take an opportunity. Make connections, collaborate with others, and make this the month of growth and cultivating your career and yourself. However with this incoming change, realize that there may be some people or factors in your life that do not fit the goals you have for the future. You are known for trying to balance as many things as possible to ensure maximum productivity, but shifting your schedule may be the best thing for you. It is a period of reflection and self care when we move into April 19th, so know that the things that are most important and beneficial to you will only reward you more in the long run than struggling to make multiple obligations work at once that end up burdening you later. You’re no stranger to being dedicated to your work, just make sure to dedicate time to you.


Hello moon child, this is about to be a productive month. You’re going to thrive off the the Sun being in Aries, motivation picking up pace and you on top of the world. Start planning and plotting out your take-over of this month, make new connections and open yourself up to teamwork and collaboration. Then, On April 19, the sun enters Taurus. This shift will  bring your chart’s leadership and team skills into play and it will be a prime moment to reveal your goals to others and construct your ambitions into a reality. As a moon baby, this April 29th’s full moon in Scorpio will yield to your creative side, which will help within your productive pursuits. Leaving behind others is not a priority, if they don’t fit the vision, they don’t fit you. Don’t ditch current relationships but use April’s reflective energy to decide whether or not a relationship is helping you grow.


Your passions are a priority this month Leo, and indulge you shall. Trying new things and diving into the ones that you have pushed to the back burner are your focus right now. Taking adventures and expanding the scope of your horizons is one factor within the April 15th new moon. This new moon and connection with Aries will also initiate your sense of productivity and creativity within this season. The sense of wanderlust will affect this because opening yourself to new pursuits and experiences will shift old perspectives and shape new ones. Therefore be in touch with your intellectual side and don’t be afraid to educate yourself on these new journeys. These philosophical transformations are better supported when around a group of people on the same level as you, for energy that isn’t syncing with your present and future will only block you from your final destination. So be bold, your sign represents strength, and harness that courage that comes with being a Leo by letting yourself grow and leave behind old mentalities.


Feeling out of touch with the rest of the fiery vibes due to Aires isn’t abnormal for you. According to your sign, you are going through some intense emotional regeneration as of late. So if you were feeling guilty or unsure as to why you’ve gotten into a dark patch, consider this to be your golden ticket to emo county. The Weeknd just released My Dear Melancholy, just for you Virgo and you need it more than any of us. Growing and accepting the things that you need to let go is crucial to April and this new cycle as a part of the spring equinox, so take the time you need. After that April 19th, will start a period for you to get out of that funk and into your passions and artistic inclinations. Remember honey, this month is about you and growing into a more reflective and cleansed version of you. Letting go of the old to make way for the new is imperative and will better prepare you to rock the living daylights out of this year. So make it happen and ride the wave babe.


Not to tip the scales or anything (sorry that pun was burning inside me) but it’s time to make some decisions Libra. Relationships in your life have been in question and it seems as if everything is overwhelming and too much to take in. This triggers your indecisiveness and tendency to be frozen within situations. The overall theme of this month is acceptance and regeneration, so it’s time to decide what relationships are working for you and which ones are dead weight. Keep in mind that now is not time for action though, this is the time for reflection and evaluation. Soul searching will be very helpful in your path to rebirth, so enjoy hobbies that are enriching to your core and make time for you. Rest and relaxation are important in this time so don’t forget to care for your mental health. It’s a heavy period full of new and evolutionary variables so you will feel exhausted at times emotionally.


With this month of transformation, Venus indicates that now is the best time of the year for the development of serious relationships. Tinder isn’t cutting it for you anymore, and Scorpio, you are tired of all the “Chads who only texts you when it’s 2 a.m. and he’s just left Lib” of the world. You are here to work on something substantial and lasting. While the aspect of emotional exploration may be terrifying for some, Scorpio is known for handling intensity well. These new relationships you will explore with not only partners but friends as well will help you get in touch with your vulnerability and help you release and throw away insecurities when opening up to people you care about.


This is going to be a fun month for you Sagittarius, the romance and creativity in your life is going to be spiced up this spring. Creative output is high this April and you are feeling the motivation more than ever to explore this artistic side to you and work on projects. Putting these goals into fruition are possible if you remain focused, so keep on hustling on this explorative side to you and dive into your creative passions. Being involved with communities that foster this creative side to you could be very positive to your overall wellness and inspiration. Use Pinterest to create a vision board for what you wish to accomplish, go to a class that teaches you something new like cooking or dance, or ask friends for new music. Even today, try going to Spotify and pick one of the playlists that they create based on your previously played music and dance freely in your room. Lose yourself in the music and be inspired by the unknown.  


Though not as impulsive as your ram sibling Aries, the fire of going after what you want is still very much in you. Capricorns are more strategic in their approach to new projects and beginnings, so get ready for some major changes coming into your season. Changing your space will prove to help start that movement into the plans you have for the future and see changes now. This is a way to initiate immediate change within your sign while not impulsively taking on a new challenge without thought. Love for you little Ram will prove to be playful and mundane. Venus moving into Gemini means for you that the romance in your life will develop in places you least expect. The cute guy at the coffee place who always remembers your order could very well be a great chance to make a move. Romances in your life might not amount to anything because of your focused and busy agenda, but enjoy the fantasy of it next time you bump into “coffee boy.”


Technicolor and full of creativity, you’re a rainbow of your own Aquarius. Even so, it can be hard to find people on the same wavelength as you who share all of your values and aspirations. April however, will bring in a period where you will start to rebuild and nurture relationships with others whom you have fallen out of touch with. It is a time for regeneration, so this month will help you learn from your peers and they from you. Go on midnight adventures with your friends, lunch dates, and try new things with them, it will strengthen your bonds and lead you to become a more well rounded person overall.  


We all wish that it could be as easy to take a retail therapy session like Cher, but this month Pisces it's time to be frugal and make that *shmoney* stretch. This is the time to take a period to reflect on how you spend money, where, and on how often. Try taking all of your expenses into account to see where problems may lie, what you can do to eliminate some of those unnecessary coffee runs, and try to save up. The new moon in Aries will connect the physical world to the emotional, so material things are going to have an effect on your life this season. This is going to ease you into the next phase of your astrological cycle where funds are not a reason to cry at night and your skin and mood are glowing cause this babe has their priorities in check. Speaking of a glowing mood, be careful of who you spend your time with and divulge certain pieces of information to. Taurus shifting into the sun April 19th will open you up to being more commutative with others and while you may feel inclined to plan more dates with friends and outings, be wary of who you share you personal life to and those who deserve to hear it who will keep it in confidence. This is a time of reflection so evaluating who is a reliable source and person to keep things private will lead to to developing stronger bonds with those who will enrich your life as well as theirs.