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The summer release of Olivia Dean’s “Messy” has occupied my Spotify activity for the past several months. After listening to the lead single, “Dive,” earlier this year, I instantly became a fan. This new body of work by Olivia is airy, ethereal, and lyrically impactful. Her cozy vocals float between genres of pop, soul, and jazz effortlessly. “Messy” is anything but a mess— it is an anthology of storytelling by a talented young artist.

Instagram (@oliviadeano)

“Messy” is a 12-track debut album reminiscent of Amy Winehouse records and Adele’s “19”. While listening, I’m transported by the instrumentals and fluttering verses. “UFO” introduces the album with delicate guitar strings and melodies about falling into a loved one’s care with lyrics like, “I need somewhere to land, I might as well fall into your earthly hands.” The song is a smooth entrance into the rest of the album, followed by lead single “Dive.” “Dive” is an upbeat pop-jazz track that conveys the emotions behind falling in love by featuring energetic keys and rhythms. What I appreciate about the album is that it balances calm songs with jazz-toned ones while maintaining a cohesive sound.

I Could Be A Florist” is one of the most beautiful songs because it’s raw and dainty yet maintains a poetic lyrical strength. The song details various scenarios where giving flowers would make a person’s day more beautiful. The brief track hints at local streets in England where flower shops are located, painting a picture of corner store flower bouquets and tables filled with colorful blooms. It makes me want to put on headphones and lay in a garden of flowers to listen to this album from start to finish.

Instagram (@oliviadeano)

The 24-year-old UK native could not have wrapped her album in a better fitting bow than with “Carmen.” The story behind this song is elegantly displayed for the listener, documenting the relationship Olivia had with her grandmother, Carmen. “You transplanted a family tree, and a part of it grew into me.” The song is an endearing thank-you note to her grandmother for her strength and adoration, including real clips of the relative’s voice in parts of the track. “Carmen” adds a sense of magnetism to ‘Messy.’

If it’s not already obvious, I am a massive fan of Olivia Dean’s work. Her vocals, melodies, lyrics, and sense of style are attributes I admire. There is a lot in store for the recording artist, most recently being a collaboration with Mel C. of the Spice Girls on “Call Me A Lioness” for the England Women’s World Cup!

If you’re interested in learning more about her music, you can access Olivia Dean’s website HERE.

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