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8 Things People With Tattoos Are Tired of Hearing

There are very few things more annoying than random people invading your personal space to ask about a tattoo. Unless I barricade myself in my house and never leave, I will be asked variations of these eight questions multiple times a day and there is no escaping it.

“What does it mean?”

It means I wanted it so I got it. Enough said. There is no reason I want to explain my thought process behind my tattoo to a complete stranger. And who said it has a meaning? I didn’t have a guy stab me with a tiny needle for five hours to have to put up with questionnaires by strangers.

“Did it hurt?”

If I punched you in the face right now, would it hurt? Of course it did. I just got over the fact that it was painful and looked forward to the outcome. Plus, it’s pretty cool to watch the colors permanently dye your skin.

“You’re going to regret that later”

Am I? Thanks for the advice, but believe it or not, I thought about that before getting it.

“You’ll never get a real job with that”

LOL. Sorry, I think it’s a little late in the century to be saying that body art will prevent me from doing a job well. I entered retail management at 18 and currently write for a newspaper all while still pursuing my degree; but man, my tattoo has really held me back. Times have changed and tattoos aren’t exactly frowned upon by most companies anymore. And if a company truly doesn’t want to hire me based on my tattoo and not my skills and qualifications, why would I want to work there anyways?

“What did your parents say?”

Does it matter? Don’t get me wrong, I love my parents and their opinions truly do matter to me, but I make my own decisions and don’t expect them to agree with everything I do. I am a grown woman and don’t depend on my parents. Last time I checked, it was on my body and not theirs.

“Is it real?”

I’m not sure why this is even a question people ask. My usual responses have become more and more sarcastic lately. If you ask me this I will probably make a point of not talking to you again.

“Can I touch it?”

It feels exactly like your arm, so no.

“How much did it cost?”

I’m not going around asking you how much your car or your shoes cost, am I? That would be rude, but for some reason it’s perfectly OK to inquire about the cost of my ink. It wasn’t cheap, nosy stranger.


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Sarah is a senior journalism major at UCF.  When she's not writing for HerCampus or local campus newspapers, you can probably find her at the gym or binge watching shows on Netflix.  If you think you recognize her, you've probably seen her interviewing students or photographing events around campus.  Sarah is a huge fan of pizza, sharks and dancing in the car even though she is well aware she can't dance.  She often takes off on spur of the moment trips to foreign countries without telling anyone and enjoys a nice accent. Follow Sarah on Instagram and Twitter!
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