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8 Items For Your Fashion Emergency Kit

Missing a button? Someone spill a drink on your dress? Fashion mishaps happen all the time, and, of course, at the most inconvenient moments. In order to keep yourself calm during these horrible events, you should make sure that you have a “Fashion Emergency Kit” in your purse. Yes, you can go out and buy one, but believe it or not, you may have some of the essential items already lying around in your bathroom. Here are the top 8 items a girl should have in her Fashion Emergency Kit.

1. Band-Aids – If you wear heels, you know where I am going with this. Don’t let blisters get in the way of wearing your gorgeous pumps when you are getting ready for a night on the town. Wear your heels and once you feel a blister coming on, just put a Band-Aid on the backs of your ankles, or pinky toe, and this will let you rock those stilettos for the rest of the night.

2. Tide-to-Go – Having a giant stain on your blouse from a spilled drink is not a flattering look. Tide-to-Go is a small little pen that will take off any stain right away. It’s like a washing machine on the go.

3. Lotion – A small bottle of lotion is always a necessity. When you are wearing shorts, or anything that shows your legs, you need to make sure that you don’t have ashy legs. Lotion is great for getting rid of those ashy legs, but it also gives you a fresh smell.

4. Bobby Pins – Tired of your hair falling in your face when you dance or having the same hairstyle every time you go out? Bobby pins are great for helping you create a brand new look. You can clip your bangs back or have a pony tail and create a secure bun with just a few pins. You won’t have to deal with hair getting in the way while you dance anymore!

5. Safety Pins – These are the magic pins. Safety pins will fix any fashion disaster without having a sewing machine. If you feel you are showing too much cleavage or that the neckline is too deep, just put in a safety pin and it will give you some coverage. Safety pins even come in handy when your clothes are a little too big. The best thing is that you can hide the pins and nobody will ever know that you had a little fashion problem.

6. Perfume – For some reason, girls always forget to spray themselves before they run out of the house. It is always nice to smell good; it makes you seem more approachable. All you need is a little bottle of perfume to carry in your purse or even the little testers that they pass out in makeup stores. One spray goes a long way.

7. Gum – Having bad breath is such a horrible accessory. Nobody wants to talk to someone who has bad breath. It may not be as good as brushing your teeth, but having a piece of gum will help you get rid of that bad breath for at least a couple of hours. On the plus side, it will give you whiter teeth, so you can smile even wider for those Facebook pictures.

8. Compact Mirror – Having your own compact mirror is so nice to have. You always want to make sure that you look your best and that your makeup is always fresh and free from lipstick stains and eyeliner smears. Instead of waiting in the long line for the bathroom to check on your look, you can just whip out your mirror!

I'm a junior majoring in Broadcast/Journalism and minoring in Marketing. I am a feature writer for Her Campus UCF and loves all things fashion and entertainment. I plan on reporting fashion live from the red carpet and being the next co-host/anchor for “E! News Live.”
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