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7 Ways To Bring Out Your Inner Olivia Pope

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCF chapter.

In honor of the return on America’s favorite fixer, Olivia Pope, I have put together a guide on how to bring out your inner Olivia Pope. From her abilities to have trust in herself to her flawless fashion sense, Olivia Pope is a character that women across the country are trying to be more like. She is definitely a great role model for going after what you want and proving that everything can be fixed.

Exude Confidence at all Times

Olivia Pope always walks into a room as if she owns it, and you need to do the same. Seeming unsure of yourself can hurt your credibility. Even when Olivia isn’t positive in her decision, she still acts as so.

Have a Bottle of Red Wine & a Large Wine Glass on Standby

After a long day unwind with a bottle of red wine in an Olivia Pope sized wine glass. This is Olivia’s go to remedy when she needs to relax and flip on the news. Sit back, relax and drink a glass of wine!

Silk Pajamas

If you wake-up feeling fabulous chances are you will continue feeling fabulous throughout the rest of the day. Slipping into silk pajama’s and curling up in your comfy bed at night will leave you ready to charge into that busy day ahead of you!

Be Fearless

Being afraid of something is a natural emotion that we all have. Although, one of Olivia’s greatest attributes is that she is fearless in what she does. She does not let anyone use fear as a means to change her mind, and neither should you.

Own a Statement Coat

Olivia Pope’s wardrobe is quickly becoming an example of must have classic pieces for every women, especially her iconic statement coats. Every women should own an Olivia Pope inspired coat to wear on those cold, gloomy days to help her feel as if she can still take on the world, regardless of the weather.

Wear Elbow Length Gloves

To go with the Olivia Pope coat that you will soon be adding to your closet, invest in a pair of elbow length gloves! These will help you finish off your perfect cold day look, while you fix the worlds problems.

Follow Your Gut

Most importantly, to act in true Olivia Pope fashion you must always follow your gut. The most powerful power we have is our gut and it is almost never wrong.

UCF Contributor