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7 Reasons College Students Should be Allowed to Trick-or-Treat

Because we are practically toddlers, and toddlers get to trick or treat…

We nap anywhere, eat anything and cry constantly. I think we can all agree that college students are kids trapped in adult bodies with adult responsibilities…meaning we want free candy without looking like creeps.

“Free” is a college kids’ favorite word. Free candy is even better.

It doesn’t even have to be candy, to be honest. If you’re handing out Ramen I guarantee that you will be the most popular house on the block. Unless you’re giving out full candy bars. Shout out to whoever does that, you’re the real MVP of my childhood.

We dress up anyways.

Each year my friends and I come up with a few costumes to wear to different parties so we don’t have to wear the same police outfit to every party we go to. Trick-or-treating would give us another excuse to come up with a fun costume.

We could wear that stupid costume we love that isn’t slutty enough for parties!

Don’t get me wrong, I love the sexy Halloween parties and all. But I also kind of want to be able to wear my squirrel costume, ya feel?

It would be like a sugar pregame.

Imagine going trick-or-treating, scarfing down ungodly amounts of sugar, and then heading to Pub for some beers. Plus, you’d have enough candy for another sugar binge after the bars.  That would be the life. Of course, the gym would be more than necessary the next day, but I’d say it would be worth it.

We’re nostalgic AF on Halloween.

Even though we are so glad to be off at college, we still miss some things. Like dressing up and running around collecting candy from the entire neighborhood (and all of your friends’ neighborhoods because, more candy).

Can I say free candy again?

Seriously. I want free candy.


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