7 Daytime Date Ideas

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, the pressure of having the perfect date is very present in the air. People are racking their brains for the perfect gift and pre-preplanning restaurant reservations. I don’t want to deal with these things, though. Instead of struggling with getting a reservation at some restaurant that won’t get you in until the night is over, just try one of these daytime dates ideas that I’ve found for you here:

1. Day at the Beach

The best date that I have ever been on was the simplest date that involved walking on the beach and ice cream. The sunshine melting my ice cream as the waves crashed against the shore, we had the best conversation and plenty of room to laugh at ourselves.

2. Picnic at the Park

This idea is classic, because it’s simple, but you still have to put in the effort to put together the picnic. Plus, if you pick to have this picnic by Park Avenue in Winter Park, the scenery is beautiful, and you can always walk into the shops and restaurants after sitting in the park. Because, let’s face it, Florida gets a little too hot sometimes.

3. Grow Together

It’s said that growing is learning, and there are always classes being offered beyond the wine painting classes. You could get the creativity flowing in a pottery class, or you could make each other a meal in a cooking class. The possibilities are endless here!

4. All the Attractions

The benefit of living in Orlando is that we live where people vacation. All of the attractions are practically in our backyard, and wouldn’t it be the most magical place ever if it involved going to Disney? Or see the town by going up the Orlando Eye. If neither of these options suit your fancy, the list goes beyond what I’ve listed here with options Universal, Sea World, and Volcano Bay, and many more.

5. Act Like a Tourist

I remember when I lived in Tampa, I had this long list of things I wanted to do, and every time I had the opportunity, I always said maybe next time. Maybe a daytime date is the best time to see the city, especially since there’s less of a chance that you’ll get jumped. Plus, the natural lighting is much better during the day. I know there are certain museums that will let people in for free on the first Friday of the month, and if not, being students also get us discounts at places. For example, I showed my student ID at the Morse Museum in Winter Park, and I got in for a dollar. If not, there’s the opportunity to visit a Farmer’s Market that has local offerings, or grab breakfast or brunch in a new part of town.

6. Break a Sweat Outside the Bedroom

I am not really motivated to go to the gym unless I go with someone else, and that makes me bringing a date to the gym ideal. It’s a great way to motivate me, because if I bring someone that I want to impress, I won’t be slacking, and I can be sure that blood is pumping between the two of us. Plus, I’m probably looking at my worst when I’m red in the face, hair all over the place, and drenched in sweat. If someone can call me beautiful when I look like that, they’re probably a keeper.

7. Be Crafty

The best gifts aren’t the ones that break the bank, but they’re the sentimental ones that mean more because of the memories. I know one of my best friends did a string art craft with her boyfriend. It was one where she outlined Florida, and put a heart over the town that they met in. The craft is one of her favorite things, and now the two of them are engaged. 

Night time dates have never really been my thing. Whenever someone asks, I usually just try to pitch the idea of ice cream so that I can get home as soon as possible. Daytime dates are just more comforting to me because they work better for my schedule, and I can go on them without being so tired. Hopefully, you’ll fall in love with the daytime date idea this Valentine’s Day, or just appreciate them as much as I do.