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This past year has been…rough, to say the least. With Valentine’s Day coming up, it’s hard to focus on what you love while there’s still so much going on in the world, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the day. Here are some foolproof ideas for how to spend V-Day with a boo or your gals!

At-Home Fondue

I don’t know about you, but one of my all-time favorite dining experiences is fondue. Cheese followed by chocolate = heaven. You can find inexpensive fondue makers at Walmart or on Amazon. This one is my fav — and it’s under $25!

Host a Galentine’s Photoshoot

Because who doesn’t want more Instagram content? Head to your local dollar store for cheap V-Day props and all things heart decor, set it up around the blankest wall in your home, and you’ve got yourself a photo studio!

DIY Gift Boxes

DIY queens — this one is for you. To make it a whole Galentine’s night, you can pick up some gift boxes, candies and fake flowers on your dollar store trip to make your friends an adorable memento!

Self Care Night

V-Day is typically marketed to be about our loved ones, but you can’t forget to put self-love first. Especially after the year we’ve had, it’s okay if you’re going to be alone on Valentine’s Day. Run a bath, get a bath caddy, set up your favorite rom-com, and enjoy your own company.

Food is the Way to the Heart

Chocolate-covered strawberries and trendy heart-shaped cakes galore! No matter how skilled you are, all you need is pink, red and white toppings to land any treat. Spending V-Day making food sounds like a dream to me, TBH.

The Classic Picnic

Perfect for anyone you want to spend the day with — so long as they agree to take 500 pictures of you knowing you’re only going to post one. Grab some roses, a pink sheet and heart-shaped desserts to theme the picnic!

No matter how you choose to spend this lovey-dovey holiday, remember that loving yourself always comes first!

*Disclaimer: Remember to pursue these activities with under 10 people — preferably your quarantine bubble — and always wear a mask and social distance when near others.

Mollie Guerrero is currently a Senior at UCF majoring in Advertising/Public Relations. She is a concert addict (mainly Harry Styles, of course), frequent Disney goer, and social media connoisseur. To keep up with her life and her newfound love for creating content, follow Mollie’s Instagram as well as her graphic design journey (http://www.instagram.com/magicbymollie).
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