6 Ways to Build Your Resume Without an Internship

Internship season can be the most stressful of all. It's the time of the semester where you simultaneously feel pulled in every direction, yet also like you're not doing enough. The worst is going in for an interview only for them to turn you down for "lack of experience." In my experience, this doesn't always have to refer to other internship experience. So here are six tips for you to try this semester to help you nail the perfect internship:

1. Join a Major-related Club

These organizations are always helpful to get the inside scoop on internships, post-grad jobs and meet people in the industry! Also, it's always a plus to have those in-major peer connections. 

2. Volunteer

Show you're passionate about different causes, it shows determination and strong ethics! Most likely whatever company you work for in the future will have a partnership with a cause. So, show you have taken the initiative to improve your community in whatever way inspires you. 

3. Join a Group That Makes You Stand Out

Whether that's a sorority, intramural sport, band or student government, having a unique extracurricular sets you apart from every other candidate. It's also important to show initiative, so get involved whether that's by evolving the group to try new projects, head a committee, or even hold a position. These can be great ways for recruiters to get a sense of your leadership skills. Extracurriculars can also be a great conversation starter, and TBH probably a nice break for interviewers who read resumes with the same major, clubs and qualifications.  

4. If You Haven't Already...join LinkedIn!

If you haven't yet...create a LinkedIn! LinkedIn is the #1 social media tool to connect to business professionals in your area. You can connect with fellow classmates, professors, and those who share the same work as you. LinkedIn is a great way to increase your probability of finding employers or even professionals to job shadow. Also, if you're struggling to write your resume, most recruiters will look at your LinkedIn instead, since it's a great way to list coursework, skills, and prior experience.

5. Take an Industry-Specific Class

The worst feeling is when you apply to an internship and you haven't learned any of the software qualifications needed. If you are concerned about not meeting software qualifications, websites like Lynda and Skillshare are great for gaining extra practice on different programs. Lynda and Skillshare are online sites that provide video tutorials to almost any topic you're interested in learning about. Whether that's gaining basic Microsoft skills or more high-tech IT software, they have videos that can help any major. 

6. Start a Blog

Showing you have a creative side is another great way to stand out on an application. Having a profile that showcases your work and skills is a great tool and often more effective than just listing your strengths and abilities. Starting a blog can also be a great way to post writing samples, or even share class projects that you work on throughout the semester. This can give recruiters a better idea of the type of work that you created, and it's not just another bullet point on a resume. If you are looking for a host site, check out Wix, Wordpress or Weebly. 

By incorporating these added resume-boosters, you should be on your way to an internship in no time! The most important tip of all is to not give up—every "no" is just getting you closer to a "yes!"

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