6 Things to Make Your Mornings Less Stressful

It is no secret that mornings are hard (especially if we are talking about Mondays). So, here are six things I learned — after enrolling in way too many 8 a.m. classes — that you can do to make your mornings less stressful.

  1. 1. Pick out what clothes you are going to wear the night before

    We always want to feel good about what we are wearing, even when we are going to class. Whether its a sundress, jeans and a tank top or workout gear, actually choosing what to wear is probably the hardest decision. Picking out your clothes the night before not only saves you some time but in the mornings where you wake up late, it’s one less thing to worry about. 

  2. 2. Sleep for at least seven hours every night

    I know what you're thinking. Sleeping for more than seven hours is completely unachievable when you have to balance classes and having a social life. However, it makes a complete difference in the way your day is going to go if you have a good nights sleep. Even if it’s not every night, try doing it a few days out of the week and see how your day goes by much better, when you are not constantly tired and falling asleep during your classes.

  3. 3. Wake up a little earlier than needed

    I noticed that the days I wake up earlier than I probably need to are the mornings where I am least worried because I’m not rushing and running around. It can be waking up 30 minutes earlier or an hour before my usual routine. Even though this isn’t something that can be done every day, it’s nice to have a little bit of extra time in the morning to relax and get everything ready for the day ahead.

  4. 4. Have a proper breakfast

    Let’s be honest, who doesn’t like breakfast food?! Personally, it's my favorite meal of the day so I never skip it unless I wake up an hour later than I needed to. Some people aren’t hungry or just can’t eat right after waking up, but if you can, you should always have breakfast. Having eggs and milk or a full-on IHOP buffet meal can put you in such a better mood. Plus, you won’t be hungry during class.

  5. 5. Do something you enjoy for 30 minutes

    This is my favorite part of my mornings. Every other day, I try to do something that I enjoy for about 20 minutes, like reading a book or watching an episode on Netflix. It doesn't matter what exactly, but doing something that brings you joy makes your mornings something you look forward to the night before.

  6. 6. Tidy up your bedroom

    Nothing makes me feel better than when I come back home from a long day of classes to a clean room. Making my bed in the morning is an everyday task now and I always feel so bad when I don’t have time to do it. So whether it’s picking out clothes from the floor, making the bed or having a clean desk, all make an impact when you come back home to a clean environment. 

At the end of the day, no one likes to be stressed or running around after waking up. Chances are, everyone will have a morning where everything goes wrong and you are 50 minutes late to class but that doesn't mean that every morning has to be this way. These little things can change your morning routine for the better. You don't have to do all of the but including at least one of these tips can make your mornings less crazy.

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