5 Tips for Saving Money This Semester

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It’s no secret that students are always strapped for cash, particularly at the beginning of the semester when we need to pay rent, school fees, and buy new a new set of textbooks. Luckily for us, Cengage is here to help with their innovative course subscription offer that allows students to take control of their financial woes and get to class. Read on to learn all about it, along with a few more ideas to save some extra money this semester:​

1. Save money on textbooks! 

Every semester, students are saddled with book lists that can end up costing as much as a month's worth of rent. Cengage is here with a more affordable option. For just one payment of $119.99 per semester, students can access more than 20,000 Cengage products across 70 disciplines and 675 courses! That means instead of paying for a bunch of individual textbooks, students can access a wide variety of resources for one flat fee. Say goodbye to the university bookstores inflated prices and check if your textbooks are available on Cengage Unlimited’s website

2. Take the shuttle to campus. 

You don’t need a parking pass if you live in a dorm or apartment that has shuttles to campus. Hop on the bus and know that you are saving money on a parking pass and gas at the same time. Bonus: riding a shuttle is better for the environment and saves you from the hassle of finding parking!

3. Go to all the free events on campus. 

Don’t spend a ton of money going out every week—look into the events on campus. Many student organizations host events and give out prizes and swag. You pay student activities, fees so take advantage of all the awesome events your university puts on for you.

4. Learn to cook! 

It can be so tempting to get takeout every night, but homemade meals are less expensive and way healthier. Look up recipes on Pinterest and shop with intention. Your shopping cart should not look like an unsupervised child was given a hundred dollars and set loose in the grocery store. Find a few recipes you know you can handle and get to cooking!

5. Study more! 

I know this is probably not the most appealing option, but it saves you cash and it saves your grades. Plus with that Cengage subscription, you can access the books you need no matter how many courses you enroll in (or how many ebooks you use) for one fee! For more info and to see if the books you need are available, check out Cengage.

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