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5 Tips and Tricks for Shopping at Sephora

If you’re a makeup lover, then I’m sure you’re familiar with Sephora. Or as I like to call it: candy land. Whether you’re a minimal, every day makeup wearer. Or an extra, over the top one, Sephora’s got you covered. Unfortunately, my bank account doesn’t share the same love for Sephora as I do. Most items are very expensive and your total can add up quickly at checkout. I also have trouble determining what products would look best on my skin type and tone, which leads me to aimlessly wander around the store for a good 45 minutes. After visiting a local Sephora grand opening, I realized there are many services offered to help me with these problems. Here are some ways I’ve utilized these services and saved a little money while shopping in candy land:

1. Sephora Insider Rewards and Free Samples

If you aren’t already a Sephora insider card holder, you totally should be. Getting rewarded for spending money is always a perk right? The rewards system works like most: for every dollar you spend, you get a point. And after so many points, you get rewards. Although this rewards system doesn’t have additional dollar or percent-off coupons to use, they do offer free gifts—some bigger than others, depending on how many points you have. Speaking of free, Sephora also offers free samples to take home for any product you’re not so sure you want to commit to buying!

2. The “Beauty Bar” Makeovers

It’s no secret a makeup store does makeovers. Sephora obviously offers makeovers to their customers but at a way better price point than most. If you spend at least $50 in store, they’ll do your entire face for free—yes, you heard me right…free! They also offer what they call “mini makeovers” where they’ll do one part of your face such as your highlight, lipstick or eyebrows, free of charge! If you’re planning on spending at least $50 (which is very easy to do since that’s about the cost of a single eyeshadow) then treat yourself to a free makeover, because you absolutely deserve it!

3. Color IQ

This is my most recent find, and it’s changed my life! This is a service Sephora provides to customers at the Beauty Bar. The employees place a device on your forehead, cheek and neck that scans each part to reveal your exact shade match. This is some Bill Nye the Science Guy type of stuff. After this process is done, the electronic tablet will show and email you your “IQ number” and the foundations from all different brands that are your exact shade. This also shows you the concealer and lipstick colors that would best match your skin tone. How awesome is that? And you get a free 25 points on your insider card just for doing the color IQ match!

4. Sephora Brand Items

If you’re a gal on a budget, check out the Sephora brand collection! There are so many great products in this line that most people don’t buy mainly because they don’t even know it’s there. I can tell you from personal experience that these products are just as amazing as a lot of the high-end products sold in Sephora…and for half the price!

5. Mini Products at Checkout

I always try to avoid any products sold near a checkout line because it’s basically a hidden trap to spend more money…and I fall for it every time. These are my exception though because in Sephora’s checkout line, the items being sold are mini versions of some of their best sellers for less money. If there’s a product you know a little bit lasts you a long time, buy the mini version and save yourself a few bucks!

Next time you’re shopping, make sure to take advantage of these hidden services and money-savers Sephora offers. And don’t be afraid to ask the employees for assistance. They’re always so kind and helpful. And they don’t work on commission, so they’re truly just there to recommend the best products to use. Happy makeup shopping!

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Kristin is a senior at the University of Central Florida studying advertising and public relations. She loves cats, makeup, shopping, chocolate and all things The Office or Friends related. When she has free time (rare but it happens occasionally) you can catch her eating sushi, watching old vines or spending time with her friends. She enjoys writing about beauty, fashion, lifestyle and girl power. You can keep up with her on all her socials linked below!
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