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With the month of September coming to a start, the spooky season is upon us. October is right around the corner and it’s never too early to get into the Halloween spirit. Halloween is going to be very different this year because of COVID-19, but that doesn't mean you can't dress up for your own fun and enjoyment (no, you're never too old to dress up)! This year, I plan on dressing up like one of the “Spice Force Five” girls, but while I was looking up pictures of the spacey alien queens, another queen kept making her way onto my screen: The Monster Queen herself. This list is a compilation of a few of TV's best Lady Gaga costumes to bring back #QuarantineOWeen — this time in-season!

Pretty Little Liars – Season 2 Episode 13

This episode of Pretty Little Liars features a Halloween party full of spookiness and little monsters. Two characters end up dressing like Lady G. herself — Alison and Jenna. Both costumes ra-ra-rock!  

The Simpsons – Season 23 Episode 22

This Gaga moment kind of cheats, because Lady Gaga herself is featured in this episode of The Simpsons! Unfortunately, no characters dress up like her, but she does have a few costume changes that are stunning. Following its reputation of being able to predict future events, one of Gaga’s performances in The Simpsons supposedly predicted her real Superbowl performance in 2017 — five years before it even happened!

Glee – Season 1 Episode 20

Glee has featured several episodes praising Lady Gaga for celebrating who she is. My favorite Gaga costume, though, is worn by none other than Brittany S. Pierce, featuring a lobster hat that doubles as glasses. She unquestionably deserves the title of “The Queen.”

Community – Season 2 Episode 6

Dean Pelton is known throughout Community for his flamboyancy and his gift for fashion. Halloween is no exception. Attending the school’s Halloween party as queen Gaga herself, Dean Pelton certainly shows off the “Fashion of His Love.”

The Office – Season 7 Episode 6

Perhaps the most iconic of this list, the Halloween episode of The Office features a costume contest that was full of pop culture idols. While Kelly’s Katy Perry deserves a shoutout, Gabe’s Lady Gaga costume was definitely the most “Paparazzi”-worthy for this list.

Each of these Lady Gaga-inspired appearances help to celebrate her uniqueness and ability to embrace her "weirdness." No matter what you decide to dress up as for Halloween (if you do!), think back to Lady Gaga and remember that we were all born superstars. Stay safe, and Happy Quarantine-O-Ween!

Stephanie is a sophomore at the University of Central Florida, majoring in Technical Communication. She is also pursuing a minor in Writing and Rhetoric and a certificate in Editing and Publishing. In her free time, you can catch her playing video games, watching home makeovers on YouTube, or buying fake plants at Ikea.
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