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5 Reasons Why We Still Want to See Chase and Zoey Together

If you were a preteen during the mid-2000s, you’ve probably wished you attended Pacific Coast Academy, AKA “PCA,” at one point in your life.

Nickelodeon had recently posted a video online that broke the internet- okay not really, but it was all over our Facebook timelines. A short video of Chase from Zoey 101, made us emotionally distressed because he asked some other blonde that was not Jamie Lynn Spears to marry him. His old BFF, Michael, came to the rescue and knocked some sense into him and Chase told us what we wanted to hear.

We didn’t see the video Zoey put in her time capsule for Chase to watch in 10 years, but Michael wrote down everything Zoey said. LAME. Nevertheless, it still made our hearts happy that there’s still hope for Chase and Zoey, here’s why: 

1. We all remember how cute Chase and Zoey were.

Just your typical love story, you’re in love with your best friend and it’s too hard to say anything. We loved all of that cuteness. 

2. Every tween had a big secret crush on someone, so we felt Chase’s pain.

I personally loved Chase’s mini afro, and I’m still confused over how blind Zoey was for all those seasons. 

3. We’re still waiting for someone to love us the way Chase loved Zoey.

I’m a little envious that every male cast member of the show thought Zoey was the most perfect girl ever. No one loved Zoey as much as Chase did; cleary, so I’m forvever waiting for someone to confess that they’ve been in love with me since the first day they laid eyes on me. 

4. When Chase and Zoey were finally offical, the series ended. 

Yay! They’re finally together, oh wait.. now Zoey has to transfer overseas? Sike! In reality, Jamie Lynn Spears got pregnant so Zoey 101 was dunnzo. Nickelodeon tried to repair our hearts with a little tease of hope for the couple. 

5. It’s all made up and it doesn’t matter, but who doesn’t enjoy feeling a little childhood nostaligia?

I never got to attend the coolest boarding school ever, but college is still pretty cool too. 

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