5 Movies You Should Go See This Month

Whether it’s date night, girl’s night, or you’re overdue for a little “me time,"  a trip to the theater completed with a large Coke and a tub of buttery popcorn, will do a person good- and luckily there’s some great flicks to catch this month; everything from thriller, to horror, to comedy, to animated fun!


1. Hotel Transylvania 2 – Determined to keep his daughter at the hotel, Dracula and the gang attempt to discover the monster in his half human, half vampire grandson.


2. The Visit – Things aren’t what they seem when two kids go to visit their grandparents for the first time...


3. The Scorch Trials – Sequel to The Maze Runner, the Gladers have narrowly escaped from the Glade, but they are far from out of danger as they fight to survive new and deadly obstacles.


4. The Intern – Anne Hathaway and Robert De Niro star in this comedy about a retired man who interns at an online fashion company.


5. The Perfect Guy – When lobbyist Leah Vaughn breaks up with her long term boyfriend, things heat up before falling apart when she becomes involved with a new man.


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