5 Instagrammable Spots in Orlando

Everyone is looking for Instagram worthy areas to check out. You search on Google, go through your Instagram feed to see where your friends are taking pictures, only to conclude “there’s nowhere left to go!”

Looking for new Instagrammable places to do a photo shoot? Well, this guide will give you five of the hottest locations in the Orlando area for Instagram pictures! Be sure to put on your cutest outfit and snap a few pictures.

1. Kraft Azalea Gardens  

This beautiful garden is one of a kind in Florida. The park has a variety of fountains, bridges, and the best part…Greek pillars! These pillars are strikingly unique and would create an exquisite image on Instagram. Let's be real, how many girls do you see posting pictures in front of Greek pillars (that live in Florida)?! There’s also no other location like this in the Orlando area which is why there's a constant swarm of photographers that shoot there. 

2. Maitland Art Center

Looking to take a trip to an art museum for the day? This is the place! After taking pictures outside in the garden area, you can cool off inside by looking at some beautiful art. This is a great picture place for couples, weddings, or full-body shots! The artistic nature of the garden is captivating in any photo, making it the perfect Instagram post. 

3. Lineage Coffee Roasting

Grab a honey latte at this white, clean, and modern coffee shop. It's guaranteed this open concept coffee shop will fit with anyone's Instagram feed. The natural light makes Lineage the best place to take pictures indoors (because let’s be real, the Florida heat is too much sometimes). 

4. Orlando Eye

Even though I-Drive is a touristy area, plenty of bloggers and Instagram models take pictures in front of the Ferris wheel. This Ferris wheel resembles the one in Santa Monica Pier, which has always been trending on Instagram! You could never go wrong with a Ferris wheel picture like this, either during the day or night. Grab a few girlfriends, or your date, and snap a picture in front of the Orlando Eye (also, while you're there, check out the Sugar Factory as well). 

5. Downtown Winter Park/Lake Baldwin

Winter Park has a beautiful strip with countless gourmet restaurants, hidden gardens, and a huge rose garden! Winter Park, during the day, entails brunch (with mimosas, of course) and shopping with the girls. During the night, it's more romantic, fancy, and upscale for dinner dates or a stroll around the park. This area is comparable to Europe with its cute cafés and brick roads. Totally cute and worth checking out! Lake Baldwin is in Winter Park, but it's 10 minutes away from downtown. This is another area like downtown Winter Park, but smaller and on a beautiful lake! There are greenery walls for full body pictures that would definitely be Instagram-worthy.


These five places are definitely hidden gems that would create a trendy Instagram feed. From local coffee shops to touristy areas, Orlando has a variety of places to take pictures.

We hope these tips will inspire you to create the Instagram feed you have been dreaming of building. Life is all about following and fulfilling your dreams, whatever they may be, so have fun checking out these five Instagrammable places! 

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