5 Christmas Episodes You Need to Watch Again

We all love Christmas and we all love our favorite sitcoms, so naturally, mixing them together is a great idea. In no particular order, here are five Christmas episodes you may have forgotten about, but should definitely binge this holiday season!

Christmas Party (The Office, Season 2)

We have all seen the video of the little boy opening the avocado from his mom for practice on what to say while opening gifts. It's hilarious, cute, and probably exactly how Jim felt watching his perfect white elephant gift for Pam get traded. This Office episode is making the list for the sheer reason of how awkward white elephant gift exchanges can be at times. We’ve all probably felt like Jim at some point during one, you know? Getting someone the perfect gift only to watch them trade it for something else. The Office seems to encompass the awkward holiday gift exchange to a T and for that reason, it has a welcome spot on the list.

The One Where Rachel Quits (Friends, Season 3)

Okay, hear me out. The title on this one is incredibly misleading in why this Friends Christmas special makes the top five. If you don't remember the ordeal that goes down outside of Rachel quitting her job, here's a small recap: Ross accidentally breaks a young Brown Bird Scout's leg and in turn casts her out (no pun intended) from winning the space trip for selling the highest amount of cookies. Ross is determined to take over cookie-selling duties to win the girl the trip because of how horrible he feels. When he falls short of the prize, Chandler saves the day (like usual, tbh) and transforms his apartment into space, including turning his lounger into his rendition of a spaceship for the young girl. While this episode isn’t Christmas 24/7, it completely encompasses the spirit of the season—the act of doing for others.

Christmas Scandal (Parks and Recreation, Season 2)

Parks and Rec is known for being full of satirical humor that sometimes hits a little too close to home. But, that doesn’t mean we don’t love it anyway. Adding to the list of must-see Christmas episodes is the twelfth episode of the second season, also known as “Christmas Scandal.” Now, I’m sure we all know what scandal goes down, so I’ll skip right to the reason to why this number has earned its spot on the list. With Christmas approaching and the town seemingly heading for a divide, the episode closes with the ceremonial tree lighting. What's important to take away from this is the idea of community and coming together. In the days before the lighting, it seemed as though each character was at their wit's end. Things being blown out of proportion and taken the wrong way seemed to overshadow the Christmas spirit. In the end, the characters and town are able to come together to celebrate the season together, which is ultimately bigger in heart than any scandal.

Moroccan Christmas (The Office, Season 5)

You know, I’m not even sorry for including The Office again. Rather than some awkward white elephant gifts, this one focuses on everything that could possibly go wrong at Christmas. We have Meredith having too much to drink. Dwight running an underground doll scheme, and of course, the usual "so and so cheated on so and so" plot. All of this is taking place during a Moroccan themed office Christmas party. Despite the few dark topics the episode covers, it does a great job of poking fun at the rush for the newest holiday toy, how karaoke is always worse at Christmas, and the idea that there truly isn’t a "right" way to celebrate the holiday.

Chapter 30 (Jane the Virgin, Season 2)

Jane the Virgin is just one of those shows in which everything that could possibly go wrong, will. While the episode as a whole isn’t necessarily Christmas themed, there is one very specific part that absolutely everyone must see. If you work in retail, and specifically in a mall, you’ve likely seen the Santa photo stops and the massive crowds that await him. You’ve also probably seen the meltdowns that come along with it, and I don’t just mean the kids. Jane and Rafael are one "say cheese" away from losing it with each other while waiting in the Santa photo line, and when the big man himself steps in, Jane can’t hold herself back from telling him to stay out of it. Here’s hoping she didn’t end up on the naughty list that year.

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