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5 Artists You Need on Your Playlists This Fall

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCF chapter.

I think we can all agree that fall is the coziest season. With the warm tones and cool weather it’s associated with, Autumn is by far my favorite season, and my favorite way to get in the fall mood is through music. Now, I know all of us have Olivia Rodrigo and Taylor Swift on rewind this fall, but I have made an abundance of fall playlists in my time. If you’re trying to make the perfect fall playlist, here are five artists that always put me in the fall mood.

Faye webster

Faye Webster’s aching yet soft music is ideal for the fall. Her relatable lyrics and buttery voice put me in the perfect cozy mood. Some of her songs, like “Right Side of My Neck” and “Kingston,” make me want to cozy up with my partner with a fall candle, while other songs by her, like “Hurts Me Too” are gut-wrenching and make me want to cry in my pumpkin chai. Pick your poison.

Men I Trust

This indie band has a repertoire of relaxing and almost jazzy music. Men I Trust has a great mixture of slow but not completely melancholy songs. If you like one song of theirs, you are bound to like the rest! When making your fall playlists, consider adding songs like “Show Me How,” “Numb,” and “All Night.”


I’m sure you’ve heard of Willow’s infamous summer song, “Wait a Minute!” or her old pop hit “Whip My Hair,” but Willow is also a very radiant artist with a strong voice. Her songs, “Warm Honey,” “After You Cry,” and “9” are some of my favorite songs to listen to during autumn. Although Willow has some great summer hits, you can definitely find some cozy songs from her.


If you haven’t already listened to Hozier, you’re missing out. Although Hozier has diversity in his music, his songs are generally earthy and sensual. Hozier’s music creates an out-of-body and almost nostalgic experience. However, his more acoustic songs create a rustic and warm vibe that emulates fall, especially if you have someone special to spend fall with. Next time you’re in a fall mood, consider playing “Like Real People Do,” “Cherry Wine,” or “Unknown / Nth.”

Big Thief

Big Thief is another indie band with intimate and emotional music. If the orange leaves and cool weather are putting you in your feels, they have the perfect songs for you. Songs like “Simulation Swarm,” “Vampire Empire,” and “Certainty” make me pretend I’m Rory Gilmore walking to class with a warm coffee.

Well, I hope this put you in the fall spirit and inspired you to do add some of these artists to your fall playlists!

Annabella Lanzinger is from Akron, Ohio, but currently lives in Orlando. She is a first-year student at UCF with a Political Science major. She enjoys reading and writing and hopes to use those skills in her future career as a lawyer.