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4 Ways a UCF Knight Can Enjoy Their Summer Vacation

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCF chapter.

While some fellow peers will end spring semester running back into the arms of homemade cookies, mom doing laundry, and a full pantry, other UCF Knights will be in dorms, apartments, and homes, planning new work and summer calendars. However, a relieving notion about summer is that no matter what, there always seems to be more free time and a lot less traffic. So while a summer in Orlando may not sound like the most desirable thing to everyone, it can be an adventure if wanted. Orlando is diverse and vast, with plenty of summer activities, including some creative ones. Here are some ways a UCF Knight can get their summer groove on:

1.      Springs, Springs, Springs

While completely obvious, there are many areas around UCF that offer a day’s away from the hustle and bustle of all our responsibilities. Springs are always a go-to, but what seems to be forgotten are the options we have in this area. There’s tubing at Kelly Park, miles of exploration at Lake Louisa, and cheap kayak rentals at the ever famous Wekiwa.

2.      Orlando Stay-cation

With the second highest amount of hotel rooms in the United States, there are hundreds of properties designed for every vacation style. And while we may not be leaving the area, we are still technically on vacation, for the most part. Some hotels will have cheap weekday deals, and making a little stay-cation could be an interesting way to discover what it truly means to be a guest of Orlando. A hotel pool day, brunch at a new place, or a simple exploration walk could brighten any week.

3.      100 Mile Day Trips

Being in the heart of the Sunshine State is almost as convenient as being in the heart of campus. With over 20 locations just a gas tank’s away from UCF, from small historic cities to big time attractions, any extra days off can be spent exploring Florida.

4.      New things

During my first Orlando vacation, I was able to finally have the time to start and try new things. I played a trial and error game of different hobbies and activities during my free time, from knitting to crafting to (some, very few) outdoor sports. Cooking ended up becoming my new favorite hobby of choice, but having the extra time in the summer to try new hobbies and experiences was something I will always appreciate.


Summer is a precious gem in time for some, even if we still have very busy lives. Taking this quarter of the year to regain the exhausted energy from school is a surefire way to start off fresh and rejuvenated come August. Happy Summer, fellow Knights! 


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Natalia is a proud latina, and a Senior at the University of Central Florida. Majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies, with a double minor in Mass Communication and Mass Collective and Culture Behavior, she hopes to eternally study the World for all its' features. An old soul and a child at heart, some of her favorite things include flowers, her 3DS, cheap paperbacks, 80's sitcoms, drag queens, and nifty scarves. Always practicing mindfulness and balance, Natalia dreams of a picturesque beach, with no clouds in the sky and a perfected Spotify playlist. Keep on Keepin' on. 
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