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4 Ways to Transition Your Makeup from Summer to Fall

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCF chapter.

As the season of fall is approaching, not only does the weather change but so does our style and makeup. After 3 months consisting of light, dewy, simple makeup, it is officially time to transition into autumn looks. If you don’t know where to start, or you just want a few tips- here are four ways to seasonally transition your makeup.

1. Use bronzer as eyeshadow.

Summer makeup is all about bronzer, bronzer, and more bronzer. After buying loads of bronzer, you are probably wondering how you are going to use it all up. This tip is a really common one among makeup artists because they always find it hard to find the perfect transition color in the crease of the eye- use your bronzer as eyeshadow. This not only gives your face warm but also allows your makeup to be monochromatic, creating quite an elegant look. Remember that episode of Friends when Ross had the spray tan fail? Funnily enough, that shade of bronze is perfect to add “life” back into your face. This hack is also beneficial for traveling because you won’t have to take lots of eyeshadows with you. 

2. Darken your tones.

Using darker colors, in general, will allow your makeup to be more autumnal, as well as change up your look from the light summer colors. Whether you darken the tones on your face, eyes, or lips- they are all beautiful and very easy to achieve. For example, instead of using a pink lipstick as a statement, use a deep plum or dark purple. As for cheeks, it is a little harder since purple blush is not really a trend (not yet at least). However, what can help darken the tones of your blush is to use more “rosy” tones rather than coral. And, depending on how deep your skin tone is, a mulberry color would look amazing.

3. Cake it up.

One of the best parts of autumn and winter is that straitening your hair lasts longer, and so does your makeup. Since the humidity has faded away, and the heat is slowly leaving, our makeup starts to last longer. This means we can layer on the makeup without worrying about it looking “cakey” or too full coverage for a summer night out. Setting your concealer and even full face with a loose powder will add to the full coverage look.

4. Bring out the eyeliner

Not only does Halloween allow everyone to experiment with makeup, but it is the official time to bring out our liquid eyeliners. Intensifying your eyeliner not only accentuates your eye shape but adds a very autumnal and glam vibe to your look. Whether you use liquid or pencil eyeliner, adding a black, brown, gold or even bronze into your waterline helps transition your makeup from the summer blue and green vibes.

Nicole is currently a junior at UCF working towards a B.A. in Human Communication. Besides writing articles and managing the Her Campus social media, Nicole loves to practice violin, watch an unhealthy amount of La La Land or organize her Vogue magazine collection. One day she hopes to attend the Met Ball, the Oscars and Paris Fashion Week. A few of her favorite things are, fresh flowers, foamy cappucinos, writing in her planner with cute pens and Christmas time. 
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