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4 Unique Spring Break Souvenir Ideas

We’re nearing midterm season, which means we’re studying hard and planning the details of our spring break vacations or staycations. No matter what your plans are, you’ll probably want to bring something home for yourself or your bestie as a souvenir. But does anyone really need another refrigerator magnet? Whether or not you’ve made “The Magic of Tidying Up” your new way of life, we can all probably agree we don’t need more bulky items just taking up space in our rooms and apartments. I certainly don’t! So here are a few items to bring back home that don’t take up much space and can be special, useful and relevant to the place you visited.

1. Patches and pins

Patches and pins have always been popular, but in the past few years, people are really being creative with them. I’ve started putting patches on my jacket and it’s become one of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe. You can put patches and pins on clothing, backpacks, decorative pillows, hats or really wherever you’d like.

2. Postcards

Sending snail mail isn’t a dead tradition! I send mail to my best friend in Tallahassee all the time. Let your loved ones know you’re thinking of them while on your travels and send a postcard or send some to your own home address writing about your experiences. If you’re into this idea, consider filling a photo album with postcards you’ve sent yourself to remember special moments.

3. Books

If you or someone you know is an avid reader, hitting up a local bookstore might be a good idea! I know I still really value a poetry book I purchased at a used bookstore in England. While in Tampa at Mojo’s Books & Records, I bought a compilation book of Vincent Van Gogh’s letters to his brother and I kept it with me for years. Now if you plan on buying books everywhere you go, it might take up some space in your room or at least in your suitcase, but I think this souvenir is a bit more valuable and thoughtful than an “I <3 NY” keychain.

4. Coffee or tea

I love bringing home some fresh coffee or new tea to try at home. This kind of souvenir is especially fun because it’s useful, delicious and something I can appreciate later that came from a local business. On my yearly trip to Asheville, I always make sure to bring home a treat from Dobra Tea. This time around I brought home a sample of their lullaby tea I can drink before bed and relax with.

No matter where you’re going or who you’re buying for, sometimes you just want to bring home a material thing to bring back some memories and to reminisce on your past adventures. This spring break, try out something new and take home something you’d never think of.

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Sara is currently attending the University of Central Florida, majoring in Art Education and Advertising-Public Relations. She loves going to concerts, drawing, promoting for her favorite bands, traveling, trying new food, and Lindy Hop. If you ever feel like being extra special, she likes almond milk lattes with an extra shot, or matcha tea. @SaraRentas on Instagram!
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