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Moving to a new area is stressful on multiple levels. This article touches on a few tips to make creating a new life just a little bit easier. Making friends, moving into a new apartment, and staying in touch with loved ones are all part of a big life transition. Keep reading to learn how to improve your move!

Join a Social Group

Like running? Join a running group! Like yoga? Join a yoga studio! Find your people as soon as possible so you can deflate the feeling of isolation when you move. Meeting new people also serves as a facilitator to meet even more people and expand your group!

Focus On the Little Things

Focus on finding the small things to make your life easier. What’s the best grocery store near you? What’s the easiest route to work? Focusing on things to improve your life day by day will slowly take more and more stress out of your life.

Make Your Space Comfortable

After a day of stress and uncertainty in a new city, nothing beats coming home to the comfort of your own space. Making your living space truly feel like a home allows a sense of relief during a stressful circumstance.

Keep in Touch With Loved Ones

Just because you are physically separated from your friends and family doesn’t mean you need to lose touch! Stay grounded by making evening Facetime calls, playing online games and using social media to stay close to your loved ones.

Moving to a new area takes a lot of time and effort. Following these simple tips will make life just a little bit easier for the important transition into a new life!

Anna is currently a senior at UCF studying marketing and psychology. When she isn't writing, she loves all things Fall, astronomy, and Taco Bell. Her dream is to move to Iceland with her pet chameleon.
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