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4 Styles of Gifting & What Yours Says About You

Every holiday season, we brainstorm gift ideas for our friends and family in hopes of getting them something they’ll love. For some of us, this may mean using our creative side to make a homemade gift with love. For others, we may ask our loved ones what they actually want before springing for some random tchotchke. We all have a different style of gifting that we rely upon to help us find the perfect gift, and here’s what yours says about you.

Homemade/DIY Gifter

You definitely have a Pinterest. Not only do your gifts show off your creativity, but they show how much you care about your friends and family! Who else would spend so much time crafting a personalized gift?! You’re thoughtful, caring and give off major Hufflepuff vibes, but your closest friends know you’ve got a spunk about you that strangers just don’t deserve to see. Maybe you’re the mom of your friend group, or maybe you’re just a solid shoulder to cry on, but either way, you’re a reliable friend who is admired by all.

Spontaneous Gifter

Maybe you scroll mindlessly through Etsy or walk the aisles of Target with no real purpose, but deep down you know you’ll find something good, and you always do! You’re laid-back and don’t let yourself get stressed about things like Secret Santa or White Elephant (because duh, they’re supposed to be fun!) Though you’re chill, you secretly love drama and seem to always know who’s mad at who and why. Even though others may think you’re too cool for physical affection, your closest friends can all agree that you give the best hugs!

What-You-Want Gifter

You get down to business, and everyone loves it. Why pretend we want another bath bomb, when we can give you a list of options to choose from? You’re organized — like, you use your planner religiously. Because of your organizational skills, you lead a balanced life, making time for academics, friends, family, work and your valued alone time. However, your most admired attribute is your strength, as you are firm in your beliefs and won’t let some rando bring you down.

Sentimental Gifter

Get out with how sweet you are! Yeah, you give gifts, but they’re more than that to you. Your love language is gifting; it’s how you remind your friends and family how much you love and care for them (and it works). You’re soft-spoken throughout the year, but your gifts speak volumes. Despite being soft-spoken, you’re eloquent, which is evident in the notes and cards you give with gifts. You’re down to earth and remembered by nearly everyone you meet. There’s something indescribably special about you that doesn’t go unnoticed.

Regardless of your gifting style, gifting means you care about your loved ones! Your friends and family are grateful to have you in their lives, and a gift is just a reminder that you’re grateful for them as well. Happy holidays (and happy gifting)!

Maclane is a freshman studying Hospitality Management at the University of Central Florida. She is on the Theme Parks and Attractions Management Track, hoping to make an impact on the theme park industry in her future. Maclane loves watching movies, playing Sims 4 and Rollercoaster Tycoon, and of course, going to theme parks. In addition to her involvement with Her Campus, she works as an Orientation Team Leader at UCF.
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