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4 Horrific Horror Movies Coming Out This Summer

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We have seen an influx of horror movies come out in recent months. From “slasher” films to psychological thrillers, horror movies have been released left and right. Even though the cold season is coming to a close and people are starting to rewatch their summer favorites, it seems that horror is a high-demand genre that will not fade any time soon. Here are four horror movies coming out soon that have received much anticipation and excitement.

I Saw the TV Glow

The A24 film is an 80’s teen horror filled with neon lights, TV screens, and haunting visuals. The retro-esque film follows the protagonist, played by actor Justice Smith, discovering an old TV show with a friend. However, the show gets canceled and reality starts to blur for the protagonist, who can’t distinguish what’s real from what’s in the show. The film is to be released on May 3.

A Quiet Place: Day One

Following the release of A Quiet Place: Part II comes a thrilling prequel to the movie series, called A Quiet Place: Day One. The film is set to recount what happened the day the signature extraterrestrial creatures arrived on Earth. With the high traction that the sequel received after its release, this is yet another movie fans of the series are excited about. This film stars Lupita Nyong’o and Joseph Quinn and is set to release on June 28.


The revival of the “slasher” genre is in full swing. From director Ti West, the final installment of the X trilogy leaves off right after the events of X. Many horror fans believe that West’s X was a large factor in the reemergence of “slasher” films that has been evident over the last few years. MaXXXine, starring current horror icon Mia Goth, explores a sub-genre of horror. This has been previously seen in films such as X and Pearl, in fusing “slasher” and Technicolor films. MaXXXine seems to be heavily inspired by the music and culture of the 80s, giving the film a nostalgic feel. This A24 movie is scheduled to release in theaters on July 5.

Alien: Romulus

After seven years, the widely-loved Alien series is back with another installment. Alien: Romulus seems to be returning to the series’s roots and celebrating what made it so terrifying: a harrowing mix of body and isolation horror. The movie follows a group of space explorers—played by Cailee Spaeny, Isabela Merced, Archie Renaux, and David Jonsson—going to an abandoned space station that comes face-to-face with a terrifying life form. The film is scheduled to release on Aug. 9.

This year seems like it will be a golden age for horror. Horror writers are celebrating both old, admired tropes while also completely reinventing horror with subversive themes. From revivals of long-loved series to unique ideas, this summer is set to be filled with various horror movies for every type of fan.

Sarah Perez is a second year staff writer for Her Campus UCF. Studying English with a certificate in Editing and Publishing, she loves to read almost any genre. When she isn't reading, you can find her crocheting or drawing.