3 Underrated Country Artists You Should Add to Your Playlist

I don’t know about you, but like everyone else, I like to set New Year’s resolutions... but as for keeping them? Well, my friends, that’s the hardest part—especially when you’re in college! Well, as a part of my New Year’s Resolution, I’ve decided to expand my range of music, starting with country music. I feel that music offers us a unique way to express ourselves. For me, these three artists really bring me back home.

I came from a small city in Polk County, so when I moved to college that was an extremely big change for me. I went from a small city where I could literally look out my bedroom window and see a cow pasture to a huge city that’s full of traffic. It’s very different from home, and listening to these artists brings me back and remind me of the good times with my friends, and that makes me happiest when I'm away, I hope that by sharing this, you can understand a bit of my happiness as well.

1. Ryan Upchurch

I find myself listening more and more to Ryan Upchurch even though I initially thought his music was a bit jumbled. I admit, Upchurch uses quite—and I mean quite—dicey language, but personally, listening to him rap and sing is almost like a taste of home. It’s a bit rough around the edges, but it’s mostly true. His music appeals to those who might be missing home or who just appreciate music that focuses on the truth of a story.

So, if you’re someone from a small town with a lot of space, and you have a bit of country in yourself that you're missing, try listening to some of Upchurch’s less explicit music, such as “Radio Jam” or “The Old Days” for starters.

2. Katie Noel 

When was the last time you’ve heard a good female rapper? Now I don’t mean Cardi B or Nicki Minaj, I mean one that you haven't heard of and is slowly making her way up the charts. Buckle up, ladies and gentlemen! Katie Noel is fresh and real. Having worked with Ryan Upchurch and Adam Calhoun, Noel is a bit new on the “country rap,” scene but she knows how to keep it clean (most of the time) and she tells nothing but the truth.

I think she’s a great example of how you don’t have to have a deep story to get your message across. I personally love listening to her collaborations more than anything because there's just more heart and soul in the music. One of my personal favorites is "Who I Am," because Kaite Noel really embodies what she's about and her self worth and dreams for herself. I just really appreciate listening to a female artist who stays true to herself and her goals for her future in music. 

3. Adam Calhoun

Finally, we’ve made it to my third favorite underrated country artist of 2019. Adam Calhoun is very similar to Ryan Upchurch in the way that he raps and presents his music focused on truthful stories and realness. However, Calhoun tends to go a bit farther than Upchurch when it comes to rapping about the issues we battle every day.

One of my favorite songs by him right now is "Leonard Calhoun." This song is a bit slower and focuses more on Calhoun's life as a child raised by his grandfather. From someone who was raised by her grandparents, this song really hits home in ways that are kind of inexplicable to anyone that wasn't. Calhoun's song really brings that story to life. 

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