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3 Tips for a Successful Job Interview

Looking to achieve your future career goals or land your dream job? Professional interviews are an important step towards increasing your opportunities for employment. The interview process is one that may or may not be challenging for some people, depending on personalized circumstances. However, there are many different approaches and strategies in preparing for an interview that will teach, encourage, and allow you to gain the best experience possible. Here are just a few valuable tips that’ll come in handy whenever you’re ready to step into the spotlight.

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Be yourself

This sounds cliché, but be yourself. In the professional world, employers want to know about you and are curious to discover who you are as a person, both in and outside of the workplace. Showing your true colors and including any of your own personal aspirations, interests and passions all play a relevant role in the first-impression introduction with an interviewer. It’s common for interviewers to consider your interests and goals as part of their decision-making process in determining if you would be an ideal fit for their team or organization. Being yourself also means acting like yourself. It isn’t necessary to pretend to show interest in something that you may not personally be into — instead, you could indicate disinterest in a polite and professional manner. Additionally, if there’s something that you may not agree with, it’s okay to disagree in a way that’s deemed appropriate and honest with the genuine thought of consideration. Honesty is also important when it comes to your past work or educational experiences and skills. If you are or aren’t excellent in one area or another, no worries. Letting your interviewer know your honest evaluation of your strengths and weaknesses is critical in providing guidance and assistance for future changes and improvements as you work together.

Come prepared

Preparation is the key to a successful interview. To partake in one requires effort in the form of time, energy and patience. Usually, basic standards such as showing up on time, dressing formally, and engaging in formal conversation without distraction are expected to be understood and met by interviewers. One aspect of an interview that stands out is doing some prior research about the business and/or position in which you’re applying for. Having some background knowledge helps further expand the conversation by finding out more information about a company’s work habits, environment, culture and employees that you would be interacting and cooperating with on a daily basis. Research also contributes to more questions that can be asked, which interviewers accommodate a set period of time for. Asking relevant questions that aren’t simply given and can be answered with a considerate amount of thinking is appreciated by interviewers in the sense that it represents a significant level of curiosity from a potential employee.

Stay positive

Interviews can be demanding for certain people. There are those who may be anxious when introducing themselves to someone new. The power of positivity is strong when you set your mind to think positively about a situation. Going into an interview with positive thoughts is bound for success because you’re limiting your fears and pushing any negativities away from you and your target goal. Focus on the gains, benefits and accomplishments you can achieve by speaking with your interviewer. Do things that can contribute to a positive mindset like getting enough sleep, eating something healthy and filling, arriving on time, dressing to impress, putting your phone on silent or kept away, and coming prepared, ready to present and sell your best self along with your quality skills. After completing an interview, do something positive for your interviewer and show appreciation of your meeting by sending a thank you letter. The littlest things can improve one’s day and ultimately make a huge difference.

These suggestions are strongly recommended for those considering applying for future job positions and for those looking to reference important tips leading up to a scheduled interview. From my personal experience, I’ve noticed these pieces of advice have proven to be effective and commonly occur during an interview. I hope you consider using these to your advantage, and I wish you the best of luck on your professional journey!

Morgan is a Hospitality Management major with a minor in the French language. She is an international travel bug who loves to explore the world and experience different cultures. She is a history enthusiast at heart. Catch her anywhere from reading travel blogs, writing, watching historical dramas or docs to tanning at the beach, shopping till she drops, and eating out.
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