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3 Simple Ways to Honor Black Contributions Year-Round

Black History Month may be over, but the contributions that Black Americans have made to culture, technology, and more still prevail. Originally, Black History Month started as a mere week in 1962. It was initially called “Negro History Week” by scholar Carter G. Woodson. Eventually, in 1976, President Ford decreed the entire month to be a national observance for Black contributions and achievements. While it is important to have a month to recognize and uphold Black contributions, we shouldn’t let our observance stop just because the month has ended. Black history and accomplishments should be recognized every month! So here are a couple of super simple ways to keep the love going all year long,

Visit an African-American History Museum!

There are tons of amazing museums across the state and country that recognize Black heritage and history! Many of these museums feature local and lesser-known people, so you might even a new Black hero. Often, the museum fees go right back into maintaining the museum and the surrounding community, so you can feel good while learning something new!

Buy Black-Owned Brands!

Often, too many of our favorite brands and products have controversial pasts or feature little to no inclusion in their branding and advertisements. Rather than spending your hard-earned coins with them, try investing in some Black-owned or Black-catering brands to supports Black entrepreneurs. There are so many options: from small, vegan brands to large corporations like Fenty Beauty. Support products that make you look and feel good!

Volunteer or Donate to Black Causes!

Finally, show up for Black people through financial contributions or volunteering! Giving just a little bit of time or money can really make a difference in a small community organization that supports underserved minorities. Simply giving your time says, “Hey, I see a problem here too, and I want to help!” Look within your communities or university to see if there’s a way you can help. If you can’t volunteer, a simple small donation can often be more than enough. No contribution is too small. Research causes that you believe in and give!

As you can see, there are so many ways to continue celebrating and recognizing the wonderful contributions that Black Americans have made. Don’t let it end just because the calendar has changed. Be an ally and support Black folks in all the ways you can, no matter how big or small your recognition feels!

Imani is currently in her senior year at the University of Central Florida. She is an English major and plans to put her snooty, elitist music taste to use by becoming a music journalist. When she's not in class, you can find her having staring contests with her cat, making homemade soups, and getting out of lines to rollercoasters. Catch up with her on Twitter and Instagram: @imanijahmeela
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