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3 Reasons Why Living With Your Significant Other In College Is a Bad Idea

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCF chapter.

As the story goes, you fall in love, get married and live happily ever after, right? That’s what we all imagine when we think about what it will be like when we find the “one.” Well, in college we either go through relationships like we do underwear or we stay in one for the long haul. It doesn’t matter which type of relationship you pursue, because they all start the same way with falling in “lust” which is commonly mistaken with love.

At that point we want to be with that person 24/7, and couldn’t imagine a second without them. Then, when a roommate suddenly moves out, or your lease is up and don’t know which of your friends you want to live with again, moving-in with your boyfriend/girlfriend sounds like the best idea you have ever had.

Although it may work for some couples, moving-in together while at least one person is still in college usually results in a relationship ending sooner than it should have. So, before you go jumping into a fairytale of playing house consider these three reasons as to why you should wait until you get your diploma.

ONE: You Need Space to Grow


When you live with your significant other you tend to consume each other’s time and start worrying more about them than yourself. Granted, being in a relationship usually leads to caring more about the other’s wants in needs, it is a whole new game when you live together to soon.

While you’re trying to figure out who you are, you’re guaranteed to bump heads with those closest to you. When you fight with your loved one and live with them you have nowhere to go while you calm down and collect your thoughts.

TWO: You Stop Being a Couple, and Become Roommates

When you live with someone you inevitably start doing chores together, laundry, grocery shopping, and any other household related things that need to be done. Before you know it sitting on the couch watching T.V. and doing homework is considered hanging out and you end up doing so much of that, that you stop going on dates.

There becomes this mentality of “I spend all my spare time with you”, well yes that is true when your living together, but the question is are you spending time together as a couple or as roommates?

THREE: You Will Often Lose Your “Friend” Time

For most young adults college is the first time they will be living with their friends without any sort of “parental supervision”. You get to have slumber parties, stay up all night, eat as much bad food as you want and pretty much do everything you couldn’t do under your parents roof. Well, when you live with your boyfriend/girlfriend it becomes a lot harder to do that.

One, your expected to come home every night. Let’s be honest, telling your significant other your staying at your besties for the night will probably lead to a bunch of questions and possibly an argument. Two, the only time you can host it at your place is if your special someone is out of town.


So basically, fun spur of the moment slumber parties are just out of the question. Part of the fun in college is crashing with your friends under one roof at a seconds notice and having the night of your life, and when you share a roof with your loved one it becomes a lot more difficult.

UCF Contributor