The 3 Most Stylish Professors at UCF

Despite flipping through thousands of pages of a biochemistry textbook, filling in a rough draft of a speech outline, and watching a bunch of videos to study American history, we still have not found the answer to that one burning question we're all too afraid to ask: Where did they get their shoes from? 

It's no question that professors are the most knowledgeable and prestigious people that we look up to on campus. Not to mention we should probably be paying attention to their slides instead of their ModCloth loafers or their perfectly shaped eyeliner. But sometimes, we forget that it's perfectly fine to have a fun, respectful conversation with them about things that are outside of their fields. To talk about their interests and what they do aside from grading a pile of papers and attending serious conferences. To see how hilarious, heartwarming and hip they could be. In light of that, I've done my research by meeting these lovely, fashionable professors to answer your burning questions. 

Dr. Alaa Hashim

Class: CHM 2210, CHM 2211, BCH 4053 (Honors)

Outfit - Banana Republic

Shoes - Nordstrom 

Her Campus (HC): Who's your fashion inspiration?

Dr. Hashim (Dr. H): Ooh, I love Elie Saab. I think that he's very talented and I'm always on the lookout for his collections.

HC: His collections are amazing! So with that inspiration in your mind, how do you pick out your outfits in the morning?

Dr. H: [First] I decide which hijab I'm going to wear, and then I pick an outfit that goes with the hijab and my makeup. (grins) I usually go with my color eyeshadows all the time.

HC: Your rainbow eyeshadows are iconic! I think that everyone who has taken or is taking your class recognizes your color eyeshadows. Aside from your makeup, what's a fashion item you can't live without?

Dr. H: My heels!

HC: And I love them! Since you always managed to look great every lecture, how long does it take for you to get ready in the morning?

Dr. H: 15 minutes.  

Professor Alicia Duffy

Class: AMH 2010, AMH 2020, EUH 2001

Dress: Ralph Lauren

Shoes: Clarks

Her Campus (HC): What are the three words that describe your personal style?

Professor Duffy: Classic, tailored and timeless.

HC: What's the inspiration behind your everyday wear?

Professor Duffy: (chuckles) I started wearing dresses because I didn't know how to match and dresses are very easy. I always wear Ralph Lauren dresses and they match my shoes.

HC: What's that one favorite fashion piece of yours in your closet that you wear when you're really feeling it?

Professor Duffy: My favorite fashion item is this T by Tahari dress with a reversed zipper and it has a splash of color on the zipper. It is a bit rebellious.

HC: I love how you describe it. And what's that one fashion item that you always need to have before living for work?

Professor Duffy: My heels! The lowest heels that I have are these 3-inch heels. I love Clarks because they're comfortable.

HC: Your students spoke about how creative you are about aligning the clothes that you wear to class with the historic era that you teach! Can you tell us how you do that?

Professor Duffy: Yes! For 1900s, I usually have my vintage hat and pearls of Coco Chanel. For 1940s, I have my trench coats. 1950s, I go with pearls, I wear gloves and have my heels. 

Professor Alex La Motte

Class: SPC 1603C

Dress - ModCloth

Watch - Samsung Gear S2

Shoes - Topshop

HC: What are the three words that describe your personal style?

Professor La Motte: Classic, blue (laughs), loafers.

HC: What's the inspiration behind your everyday wear?

Professor La Motte: I don't really have one, I just make it up as I go, but I do have some feminist shirts. I have a t-shirt with Schrödinger and a t-shirt with a definition of a physicist. 

HC: Wow, that shirt is awesome! And when you said that you choose your everyday wear as you go, how do you pick your outfits in the morning?

Professor La Motte: It depends on whether I'm teaching or not. I'd lean toward slacks or a dress or a pencil skirt, I tend to go for high-waisted bottoms cause I find them more comfortable. Most of my shirts are really big because I like to be comfortable when I'm not teaching. Anything with pockets on dresses. 

HC: I love your dresses and pencil skirts you always wear to class! Where'd you get them?

Professor La Motte: I mostly shop online because I don't usually have time to go to the store. I go on J. Crew, ModCloth, Amazon and Target!

HC: Is there one fashion item that you're usually known for?

Professor La Motte: My loafers!

After three entertaining interviews and several takes of photographing these fashionable professors, I am so grateful that I contacted them for this article. I would like to thank them again for taking time out of their busy schedules to discuss what they wear when they're teaching, holding office hours and grading papers. Not only was it fun because I was able to talk to these professionals about things that aren't school-related—this activity also pushed me out of my comfort zone to talk to them in a casual manner (i.e., when there are no textbooks, no red pens and no draft papers involved). Instead, it was just two women in a room having an enlightening conversation about their passions for fashion. 

All images are taken by the author.