3 Graphic Designers From Orlando That Everyone Should Be Paying Attention To

Living in Florida can be interesting at the best of times and shameful at the worst. There are many things this strange and fascinating state is known for, but incredible graphic design isn’t necessarily one of them. These three Orlando designers and their respective companies could be the ones to change that. 


  1. 1. Sean Walsh

    First up on my list is Sean Walsh — lover of the occult, mystery enthusiast, and founder of Secret Society Goods.

    Secret Society Goods is a company that elegantly illustrates the spirit of curiosity and the feeling of ~the unknown~. There’s something otherworldly about the designs this company puts out that makes them hard to ignore. The good news is that you wouldn’t want to ignore them in the first place. 

    My Favorite DesignThis art print is hard to beat in my mind. Its message, “Let all who oppose us look away,” is ominous but powerful in the best of ways. Secret Society Goods loves to put out limited edition designs like this one, so make sure you keep an eye out! 

    Florida Favorite: My top pick for any fellow Orlando dwellers out there would have to be the theme park scum patch. Attach this bad boy to the back of your favorite jean jacket and get ready to hit the parks. 

  2. 2. Dan Duarte 

    Not one to be outdone, Dan Duarte is a design magician and the founder of Mightier Than Co. Duarte’s designs often feature delicate typefaces that make me nostalgic — for some reason I can’t explain — and illustrations that remind me of tarot cards. Each one seems to shout out a warning of danger, which is likely due to the swords, tigers and lightning bolts that are front and center in each one. 

    My Favorite DesignThis Latin themed shirt reminds me of the perfect band tee you’d spot while scouring your local thrift store. A rare and priceless find, this is the type of “cool-girl” shirt that goes with everything. 

    Florida Favorite: Although our chapter only stans the knights, the gator is one of the most prolific symbols that Florida has. This alligator alley shirt features one hell of a gator and one hell of a design. The “Stay sharp. Be Deadly” motto included at the bottom is what really sells this for me. 

  3. 3. Matt Verdier

    Last (and certainly my favorite) is none other than Matt Verdier, founder of Just Okay Co. I stumbled upon Just Okay Co. while visiting Market Wednesday here at UCF. This shirt that caught my eye happened to be on sale for $10 — I bought it and haven’t stopped loving the brand ever since. 

    Just Okay Co. focuses on highlighting, accepting and celebrating the parts of ourselves that we don’t always think are the best. One of the reasons I love these designs so much is because I can always relate to them, or at least find a sort of half self-deprecating/half empowering message in each one. We’re all going through shit, and Just Okay Co. acknowledges that.

    My Favorite DesignThis shirt is my absolute favorite because even though the raccoon is eating trash, it's a positive thing because he’s doing what he loves. There’s so much emotion in this one raccoon that I can relate to. Sometimes, you just have to do the things you enjoy, even if those things aren’t the coolest in other people’s eyes.   

    My Florida Favorite: Although Just Okay Co. doesn’t have a lot of Florida-themed merchandise, I think this water pullover will do just as well. There's nothing like a huge swig of water on a hot Florida day, and Just Okay Co. is making sure we remember that. Who knew facts about drinking water could be made into fashion? 

The coolest part about these companies is that their merchandise is designed by hand and sometimes even produced by hand. For example, many of the shirts sold by these three companies are screen printed, allowing for each one to be unique.

Each of these companies sells clothing, patches, pins and more. You can either buy products via their websites or visit them at local Orlando trade markets like the Orlando Flea or the East End Market

The amount of detail and care that goes into each product is so clear, and in a world of mass production, that's pretty rad. By supporting these local Orlando businesses, you can feel good about your consumption and get some amazing products too!