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21 Spring Break Boredom Cures

Not everyone has crazy, exciting plans this Spring break plans. If you’re one of those people and you find yourself bored this break try one of these boredom remedies.

1. Watch Netflix. Pick a new show and binge. Discover new movies. Learn something with a riveting documentary.

2. Paint your nails. Choose a fun spring break pattern like watermelons or neon stripes.

3. Go bike riding. You can see your town from a whole new perspective on a nice ride.

4. Go to Brunch. Grab some gal pals, dress up, and be ladies who brunch.

5. Try cooking a new recipe. You know you have hundreds pinned on Pinterest so just pick one, hit the grocery store, and go for it.

6. Do a puzzle. If you don’t have jigsaw puzzle, pick up the newspaper and try to solve the daily crossword.

7. Start a blog. We’ve all wanted to start one at one point or another so why not now?

8. Turn up your favorite tunes and dance around your room. 8 Tracks has some great sing-a-long mixes.

9. Go to a beach. Solo or with friends, the beach is a great place to have fun or relax.

10. Go to the gym. Yes, I did just say that. But at least you’ll be working towards be healthier while you’re curing your boredom.

11. DIY. Make a sharpie mug, a scrabble coaster set, or another project you’ve wanted to do.

12. Paint. There’s nothing like the feeling you get from creating a uniquely beautiful piece of art.

13. Clean and organize your room. It might not be fun but it’s more productive than being bored.

14. Try a homemade facial recipe. All the sun can be harsh on your skin, so give your face a little treat.

15. Read a book. Getting lost in a great book can be just as good as going on a real life adventure.

16. Clean out your closet. Haven’t worn half your wardrobe in months? Donate the ones that are still in good condition and toss (or recycle with some cool DIYs) the rest.

17. Learn a new skill. The internet is your oyster; you can learn a variety of things on the web.

18. Do Yoga. Breathe, stretch, and meditate with some relaxing yoga sequences.

19. Take a bubble bath. Light some candles put on some Bon Iver and drift away.

20. Call someone you haven’t talked to in a while. Catch up on life and reminisce.

21. Read Her Campus articles. Browsing our blog can keep you entertained for hours. 

Catherine is a senior at UCF majoring in Advertising and Public Relations. Catherine enjoys painting, singing along with the radio, and sipping on chai lattes. In her spare time you can find her doodling on her hands with Sharpies, and watching Quentin Tarantino films. She loves fashion, interior design, penquins, and over-the-knee socks. Follow her on Twitter- for random thoughts about Publix and life- and Instagram -for pictures of her roommate's cat and some great looking food: @catienicoled
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