20 Ways to Embrace Your 20's

1. Travel while you're beautiful. 

You don't have to venture off to Europe to indulge in a life-changing getaway. Grab the gals, pitch in some gas money and road-trip through the states! You never know who, or what, you'll run into along the way. 

2. Run a 5K. 

Hike a mountain, go biking, etc. Put those healthy legs to good use!

3. Cut your hair short- while you can still pull it off.

4. Push trends to the limits.

Who ever said you had to have one set style? Dress hipster one day and preppy the next--You're not supposed to know who you are at this point anyways!

5. Find your signature drink

A time will come when responding with "I don’t know" to a man’s drink offer won't be feasible. Use this time to explore your options, and ultimately, come out with a winner! 

6. Use your student discounts 

This is a short lived convenience, take advantage of it! 

7. Visit other colleges 

Not only is this super fun, but you need affirmation that you made the right choice with the one you call home! 

8. Write things down

You'll want to remember these moments when you're older and have children. Writing is a beautiful way of preserving your favorite memories, and these times are sacred! 

9. Eat Junk 

Your metabolism is not getting any faster. Now is the time to indulge. 

10. Make friends with people unlike yourself

Stereotypes are lame. What people have to offer will surprise you!

11. Kiss a lot of guys.

One day you’ll be married—besides, kissing never hurt anyone!  

12. Try out different careers

13. Be irresponsible—while being young is still an excuse!

14. Network with everyone you meet

Grab them business cards!

15. Be a groupie- while it’s still socially acceptable

Jo Bros may be old news, but the list of famous cuties is never ending.

16.  Use sunblock

You’ll love yourself for this when your 40.

17. Use the stairs instead of an elevator

Just do it.

18. Go to public places with no makeup on

19. Move to an entirely new city

The exhilarating change of pace is a life-time must!

20. Don’t take life too seriously

Love with your entire heart and laugh as much as possible, because it goes by quick.