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20 Things That Aren’t Emojis But Should Be

Taco Bell started a petition in January for a taco emoji to be added to emoji keyboards everywhere. While they’ve been getting a lot of support- because come on who doesn’t want to be able to use a taco emoji on Taco Tuesday- I started thinking, what other emojis are just out of my fingertips reach?
I asked around and listened to the frustrations of the masses who have been unable to properly express their thoughts through emojis. This is what they said. 
1. Taco– hopefully coming soon. 
2. Middle finger– so you and 2 Chainz can send it up to your competition.
3. Basic smiley face– because sometimes you’re not blushing or so excited you show your teeth.. Sometimes you’re just plain happy. 
4. Giraffe– I don’t understand how we have dragons but not giraffes…
5. Fingers-crossed emoji– for all the times you wish someone luck and wish you could show them too. 
6. Grilled Cheese– because it’s a classic.
7. Or a block of cheese– I’m not sure how this isn’t already an emoji. 
8. Lobster– because “Bring in the dancing lobsters!” 
9. A Cute Donkey– for all the Democrats and Eeyore lovers out there. 
10. S’mores-campfire Instagrams will never be the same. 
11. Cupcake– there are cups and cakes but no cupcakes!? 
12. Puking emoji– sometimes you are just so disgusted by something/someone it’s necessary. 
13. Hot dog– because some people just don’t like hamburgers. 
14. Bacon– it just isn’t a proper breakfast Insta without it. 
15. A shrug emoji– because sometimes “idk” just doesn’t cut it. 
16. Unicorn– it’s sad that this beautiful mystical creature isn’t already represented. 
17. High Five– virtual high fives will never be the same. 
18. Mustache emoji– for when you mustache someone a question. 
19. Bearded emojis– so the fellas can truly express themselves.
And Finally
20. Beyoncé– because she’s Queen B. 
Don’t get me wrong, I love the new additions the latest update incorporated into the Emoji keyboard. Diversity and equality finally being embraced in the word of Emojis is awesome. And the easy access scrolling capabilities? So convenient! But in the words of Taco Bell, “Why do we need four different types of mailboxes? Or 25 different types of clocks? Or a VCR tape and floppy disk emoji? No one even uses those things anymore.” Let’s get some more emojis people actually want. 
Hopefully the Emoji keyboard gets updated soon and they take this list into account (a girl can dream). But if you want to see something added to your phones random selection of emojis, maybe you should start a petition like Taco Bell. 


Catherine is a senior at UCF majoring in Advertising and Public Relations. Catherine enjoys painting, singing along with the radio, and sipping on chai lattes. In her spare time you can find her doodling on her hands with Sharpies, and watching Quentin Tarantino films. She loves fashion, interior design, penquins, and over-the-knee socks. Follow her on Twitter- for random thoughts about Publix and life- and Instagram -for pictures of her roommate's cat and some great looking food: @catienicoled
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