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15 Guys We Want To See Wrapped Under Our Christmas Tree


Tis the season for overly good looking guys. Ps, you’re welcome. 


1. Aaron Taylor-Johnson

Can we have no-shave November all year?
2. Harry Styles

Does it get any cuter? No. No it doesn’t

3. Stephen James

Yes mom and dad, he has a lot of tattoos

4. Evan Peters

Tate,  Kit, Kyle Spencer, Lobster Boy- I’ll take them all

5. Dylan O’Brien

Just look at that face

6. Sam Hunt

“He played football, he plays guitars and He can sing! HE is SO HOT”

7. Charlie Hunnam

Throw on a leather vest, add a motorcycle, and I’m sold

8. Luke Davis

~surfer boys~

9. Nick Bateman


10. Douglas Booth

UGH, English boys

11. Nick Jonas

I actually know Nick personally, NBD

12.Jamie Dornan

Who else has watched the Fifty Shades of Grey trailer 327 times?

13. Kit Harington


14. Theo James

Again, English boys.. *swoon*

15. Jake Gyllenhaal

I can’t even handle it


*heavy breathing*

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