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14 Tall Girl Problems

1. Jeans

I mean my capris, because “a bit above the ankles” will never be in style. 

2. “Have you grown?”

I have been this tall since I was 16 years old.

3. “I love being tall” you’re like 5’7…

I hate to break it to you but you are not tall.

4. Short shower heads


It’s okay, I didn’t want to wash my hair anyway.

5. Looking like a giant next to your friends

Maybe we could sit down for a picture?

6. “Why are you wearing wedges/heels?”

These wedges are cute, and I don’t mind being the tallest person in the room.


7. Long sleeves are not long enough.

Luckily I live in Florida and I can avoid long sleeves most of the year.


8. “Amazon woman”

Not okay, never okay.

9. Seeing over a bathrrom stall

This is not uncomfortable at all.

10. Ducking to see your face in a bathroom mirror

I guess I should’ve checked my makeup while I was in the stall.

11. “Do you play basketball?”

Volleyball yes, but I don’t know why you’re even asking because you’re a stranger behind me in line at the grocery store.

12. This skirt is not that short, I just have long legs…

It would be a miracle to find a cute romper or skirt that went mid-thigh on me.

13. Short girls with tall boyfriends

One less potential canidate taken by someone that doesn’t have a 5’10” minimum height requirement. 


14. “You’re tall”

I don’t tell short people they’re short, so can we please talk about something else?


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Jade is a junior Radio/Television major with a coffee addiction and may marry a bagel because she loves them so much. She's just your typical sorority girl that idolizes Beyonce, loves being by the ocean, and sharing Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake videos on Facebook because they are friendship goals. Jade loves cheering on her Knights, you can find her at every UCF home game. When life's a mess Jade wants to remind you that you can just pretend you're Olivia Pope and handle it. 
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