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10 Ways to Romanticize Valentine’s Day (…While Being Alone)

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCF chapter.

While Valentine’s Day is usually celebrated by couples, it can also just be a nice way to romanticize some self-care. If you’re alone, bored, or school’s been a little too tough, use this day to have some much-needed fun.

Buy yourself flowers

Whether it be roses or sunflowers, buying a bouquet of fresh flowers can make the day feel a little bit more whimsical. Plus, they’re pretty to look at.

Dress up

Curl your hair, try a new makeup look, spin around in your favorite dress, and get lost in a daydream. You can even make your look specific to Valentine’s Day by drawing little hearts and flowers on your face.

Make A new (Or one You Already KNow) Dessert

Chocolate chip cookies are my personal favorite—basic, yes, but easy too. You can also bake a whole cake or just dip strawberries into melted chocolate—it doesn’t matter. As long as it’s sugary and tastes good, enjoy it!

Spoon Csu-Blueberry Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies
Brook Buchan / Spoon
Pretend you’re on Vogue and do Your Daily skincare

What better way to romanticize your day than acting like a celebrity giving beauty tips in front of your bathroom mirror? Bonus points if you wear cute pajamas.

Take a bath

Add some roses and candles for the fun of it all, and maybe some bath salts too. Put on an episode of a sitcom and relax.

Dance around in your bedroom to love songs

You don’t have to be in love to enjoy love songs. Grab a pair of headphones and dance like no one’s there (it helps when no one’s actually there, so be mindful of your fellow neighbors)!

Paint, Draw, and Create

If you have watercolors, acrylics, or colored pencils, make a little something to hang up on your wall. You can sketch a bowl of fruit or paint a field of flowers. A tip: It’s better when you listen to French music—it makes you feel like you’re wearing rose-tinted glasses.


Hang up that picture you recently created, or bring out anything you have that’s pink, girly, and coquette-themed and put it wherever you want. Throw pillows, old magazines, or even random strands of ribbon that you can tie a bow around your door handle with are all welcome!

Watch romcoms while you make a heart-shaped pizza

The heart is optional, but toss a pizza into the oven, put on your favorite 90s romcom, sit wherever is most comfortable, and press play. My favorite is 10 Things I Hate About You (which honestly, I watch all year round). Word of advice, though, it’s better to have your assignments done before so you’re not stressed about it.

Read a romance novel

This is for the readers and all those who want to become readers. Find a romance book (TikTok usually has a decent number of suggestions) and sit in a cozy corner with a soft blanket and a cup of whatever drink you desire. You can listen to French music here too. I do, and it’s lovely.

There’s no other holiday meant to be as romantic as Valentine’s Day. Being alone can feel a bit lonely sometimes, so it’s nice to prioritize a few hobbies to have fun and relax in the midst of studying, working, planning, and doing whatever we usually do in our daily lives. The world can look brighter if you romanticize it, so why not?

Inayah Mahmood is a third year transfer student at UCF, meant to graduate in 2025. She loves to read mystery books and write stories as well. She spends the weekend shopping or watching rom-coms.