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10 Do’s and Don’ts of Spring Break

1. Don’t: drink the water in Mexico

Nobody wants to deal with Montezuma’s revenge so just don’t do it. Oh and don’t have the ice either!

2. Do: wear sunscreen

Unless you’re going for that lobster red look I suggest you wear some sunscreen, but hey it’s your call. Actually use the sunscreen because being tan is great but looking like an oompa-loompa isn’t, so lather up.

3. Don’t: use any transportation unless it’s preplanned and from a trusted source in a foreign country

I know it seems obvious but people forget. Lets not have a real life version of “Taken,” okay? I guarantee your dad isn’t Liam Neeson so there won’t be anyone there to save you.

4. Do: bring your pass port with you

Don’t forget your passport…just don’t be that girl! There is always someone who forgets there passport either before the trip or during it so make sure its on you. Unless you plan on staying in what ever foreign country you are going to, I suggest you bring it or take pictures of it on your phone.

5. Don’t: dance on any stages

Listen, dancing on stages is never a good idea. You are most likely going to make a fool of yourself and you’ll probably fall off it. Don’t think that you will never see these people again…because you will. Most of these people either go to your school or schools in your state so you’re bound to run into them again. Save yourself the embarrassment and don’t be known as “that girl.”

6. Do: use cash where ever you go

Don’t use your credit card because that’s a great way to have your identity stolen. I don’t know about you but I like who I am and don’t really want someone else trying to steal that. Oh and the whole stealing my money part isn’t cool either.

7. Don’t: miss the boat

If you’re going on a cruise do not miss the boarding time! The last thing you want is to get stuck in a foreign country and have to pay for a flight back to America. It’ll ruin your spring break and all of your luggage is still on the ship so set yourself a reminder…or right it on your forehead, if that works for you.

8. Do: eat what ever you want 

It’s spring break so why not! It’s your free pass to have a good time and finally eat everything you couldn’t at home. The caoliries aren’t real on vacation anyways, right? 

9. Don’t: leave your friends alone and always travel in packs 

Never leave your girls alone and always travel in groups. This shouldn’t be hard for us since we always seem to travel in packs anyways, but there are some questionable people out there so always keep an eye out for your friends. 

10. Do: take a bunch of pictures

Did you even go on a spring break trip if you didn’t take pictures? Also, who doesn’t love the classic beach side, backwards hat, throwing what you know type of picture?! 

Jessica is a Junior at UCF majoring in Advertising and Public Relations. I would love to end up in the Big Apple one day and find a job that combines my passion for writing, fitness, and social media. When she isn't writing for Her Campus you can catch her hanging out with her sisters of Kappa Alpha Theta or looking up gif images on google. She enjoys brunch and any kind of breakfast food, has a very large Sperry Top-Sider collection, and follows Doug The Pug on all social media platforms. Follow Jessica on Instagram and Twitter! 
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