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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCF chapter.

Over Spring Break, I had the pleasure of going to Chicago with Quotes, The PR Club at UCF, to visit agencies and meet UCF Alumni. While we were there, we had free time to explore around and as an avid Instagram user and connoisseur, I knew I just had to find cute places to take pictures at for my carefully curated feed. While I may not be the best ‘Instagrammer’ out there, I decided that my pictures in Chicago had to be feed-worthy and I channeled my inner top model skills that I learned from Tyra Banks back in the day to do so. 


Here are my top 10 places in Chicago that are Instagram worthy!

Cloudgate, a.k.a “The Bean”

This is probably the most popular landmark in Chicago and there’s a reason why! It is a cool mirrored sculpture that has so many different photo-op opportunities and looks great on any feed. You can really be creative with your pictures, from taking goofy selfies to top model-esque pictures, there’s so much room for greatness! 

Skydeck at Willis Tower 

I know, I know. Being on the 103rd floor of a building posing on a clear glass ledge sounds pretty terrifying BUT the amazing pictures you can get from this make it all worth it. As someone whose greatest fear is falling to my death, standing here and taking pictures took a lot of courage. My lips and legs were trembling while getting this shot, but I loved the result and I think you would too if you went. 

Navy Pier 

Just look at that gorgeous view! The city overlook is cute too. I’m just kidding, but seriously, the pier was one of my favorite places the entire trip. From the fun little shops to the Ferris wheel, there’s so many cute spots you can take pictures at there and I was obsessed! It was also the least crowded place so if you get shy like me when taking pictures, it’ll be your time to shine! 

Crystal Gardens

This place was no joke. It was gorgeous and had great lighting, which is very important for a good Instagram post. Many weddings are hosted here so that alone should show you how beautiful this place truly is. 

Lincoln Park Conservatory 

Beautiful flowers and great lighting are the perfect formula to a great Instagram post which is why this place is the epitome of “Instagram Worthy.” It’s free to go to and is truly an amazing place so why not go, take pictures and enjoy the scenery? 

Starbucks Reserve Roastery

As an avid coffee lover and Starbucks obsessed girl, this location was like Disney World to me. It’s so aesthetically pleasing and has so many spots to take photos at with your over-priced — yet beautiful — drinks. I highly encourage you to go smell the coffee beans and take some cute pictures. 

The Magnificent Mile

I am a broke college student but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy window shopping at Chanel! This upscale shopping district will allow you to flex on your followers without breaking the bank. From shops like Tiffany and Co. to Burberry, you can dress up and channel your inner Kardashian.

Stan’s Donuts & Coffee

The pink interior alone sold me on this place compared to the many other donut shops in Chicago. The cute aesthetic and delicious donuts can make for an amazing picture on your Instagram feed, so why not treat yourself?

Gino’s East Pizzeria 

Pizza is one of my favorite foods and this deep dish was truly life-changing. From the grunge interior to the delicious cheesy pizza, your pictures could turn out awesome here. You could look like you’re a part of a rock band and I see nothing wrong with that. 


Lastly, while I didn’t try the famous hotdog, I thought the decorations here were super cool and definitely worth a ‘gram spot. It looked super old school and retro which I loved and definitely think would look amazing on any Instagram feed. Try a hotdog and snap a pic! 

At the end of the day, you are what makes your Instagram feed beautiful but having cute places in your background elevates your shot for sure! I hope that if you ever have the chance to travel to the great city of Chicago, that you stop by these places and snap some amazing pictures here!

If you want to see more of Chicago, including many of the places I’ve mentioned in this article, check out my vlog below:

Yaymelí Meléndez has a bachelor's degree from UCF in advertising-public relations with a minor in event management. A few things she is passionate about include: writing, music, photography, movies, k-pop, and sushi. When she's not listening to podcasts or music, going out with friends to drink Boba, or watching Friends re-runs, she spends her time reading and writing about all things pop culture. Be sure to follow her on Instagram to keep up with her escapades: @yaymeli.m
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