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The Zodiac Signs as UC Davis Eggheads

Have you ever been walking through campus and wondered, “Hey, which Egghead would I be in relation to my zodiac?” Chances are, you definitely have and I am definitely the most accurate reader of the stars to give you this information. I’ve read like four whole threads on Twitter about the signs as Golden Globes dresses… I know what I am doing. Without further ado, here are the signs as Eggheads!


“The Eye on the Mrak”

You are the most popular of all of the Egghead statues. Much like its depiction of the student body looking to Mrak Hall for quality leadership from our campus’ leaders, you yourself are a leader. You are goal-oriented and, as represented through the fatal stare from that lone eye, you use your courage and independence to do your absolute best at everything. All eyes are on you, you talented specimen!



Just like the sculpture at the original entrance of the campus, you are characterized as laid back and easy-going. However, you are also one to procrastinate, and this might be why you’re found on your back, resting with the stars. No need to worry, though! You are often commended for your great work ethic when you finally do crack the whip.


“Yin and Yang”

There are two Eggheads involved in the “Yin and Yang” display outside of Wright Hall and the main theatre. It is common for Gemini to have two different sides to them, and this sculpture illustrates that perfectly! Additionally, Gemini love to talk, and this accords to the standing Egghead, which has its eyes closed and its mouth gibber-jabbering on. 


“See no Evil/Hear no Evil”

Cancers are often known for being inconsistent. At times, they only want security, but then they’ll drop everything for adventure. Just like the two sides of you, these two statues are at war. You’re also found to be unpredictable, and you like to keep others guessing, just like these two peeps who have one eye closed and only speak out of the corner of their mouth…you’re a mystery.


“Yin and Yang”

You are also “Yin and Yang!” Just like the people in the theatre behind you, you’re a natural performer and you’re devoted to your crafts. You’re known to be quick to anger, but then quick to forgiveness, just like the two Eggheads who seem to be dueling or something…



Stargazer relates to you due to your analytical and thoughtful nature. I can surely imagine a Virgo staring up to the sky, contemplating the world’s issues. You are also pure and innocent, so you might get your head caught in the clouds (or stars, in this situation.)



The Libra is an ambitious sign with a great work ethic. Because of this, I see them hitting the books a lot just like everyone’s favorite egg, Bookhead. The Libra gets along with everyone, so they’d surely be fine with all of you rubbing them for luck on finals.


“See No Evil/ Hear No Evil”

You’re intense, just like the glares between these two statues that have been tied in a staring contest since 1994. You ask a lot of questions and strive to make sense of things, much like the students that work in the School of Law right next to you.


“The Eye on Mrak”

You are this sculpture, but you’re not like the watchful eye on Mrak. You are the front of this statue, laughing and goofing around. Much like this Egghead, the Sagittarius has a very positive outlook on life and have vibrant personalities.



You are most definitely Bookhead. You have an active mind and an ambitious nature. We seldom find you not learning or questioning the ways of life. You’re working hard to get that success, and Bookhead is, too.


“The Eye on Mrak”

You’re this Egghead because of its two sides. On one hand, you don’t care what others think, just like the goofy, smiling egg we see on our jaunts to Mrak. On the other hand,  you are the side with the lone eye because you love new ideas and improving yourself, just like the eye looks for improvement from our school’s leaders.



You like to escape the world we live in and go into a fantasy, just like the one you might imagine exists within the stars. You’re reserved, and you’re a fantastic listener, which means a calm night looking at the sky would be exactly your speed.


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