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Trigger warning: This article discusses topics related to sex, alcohol and relationships. 

Sex and The City raised a generation of women to be either a Charlotte, Carrie, Samantha, or Miranda. While they all have their pros and cons, Samantha stood out the most to me because she is always so confident in herself and her career. Alas, in this new age of Charlottes and Mirandas, I feel like the Samanthas of the world have been silenced. But who is going to be there when you feel like being messy or need advice about a guy you’ve been going out with? Samantha. That’s who. I’m going to come up with some real life scenarios and give what I think would be Samantha’s best AND most realistic answer. 

Q: I’ve been going out with this guy and he’s really sweet and kind but he doesn’t open doors for me or walk on the street side of the sidewalk. Should I still go out with him? 

A: Well why are you going out with him? If you just want a good time why does it matter if he opens your doors for you? You are an independent woman, you don’t need a man to do anything for you! Men are only good for 2 things: dinner and dick. 

Q: I overbooked myself this weekend, I have a date on Friday and then an afterparty Friday night, followed by a Saturday morning brunch. I don’t know if I’m ready to hard launch a guy I’ve only been seeing for a couple weeks at these events. Do I cancel on him? What should I do? 

A: Men are like puppies. Boss him around! Tell him you can only go out to dinner with him on Friday and if he wants more, he’ll have to wait! Don’t bring him into your social circle yet because he’s not going to be here for that long anyways. That was harsh… but he’s not your type anyways. 

Q: I’m stuck between two guys right now. The first one we’ll name Tim. Tim takes me out on extravagant dates and shows me new experiences and places but he’s a horrible texter. Like, he won’t even hit me up until he wants to hang out. On the other hand, there’s a guy I’ve been texting constantly, we’ll call him Alex, that says such sweet things to me and we can have deep conversations about our lives but he puts in no effort to hang out with me. Even when I offer to make the plan he always cancels. I’m stuck between the two because each one gives me something different. Which one do I pick?

A: Pick the one that will pick you up from the club when you’re drunk. After all, we’re so young and our life is about experiences. Alex isn’t offering you anything new besides the neck pain you’re gonna get from looking down at your phone for so long. Don’t get me wrong, you don’t have to drop him but don’t expect things to change either. Tim would pick you up from the bars and take you on a late night drive to watch the stars and that’s what you need right now.

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Although there are fake (‘fake’) scenarios, I think there’s a lot to take from Samantha’s mentality. She reiterates how women don’t need a man and how we have more power than we think we do in the dating scene. Samantha always knows how to have a good time while keeping her heart and herself in check. She’s right, we’re too young to take life so seriously and this is the time to experience new things. Brb though, I’m going to text Alex. 

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