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Why Women’s Votes Matter Now More Than Ever

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCD chapter.

The Overturn of Roe V. Wade

In a historic decision, the U.S. Supreme Court officially overturned Roe v. Wade decision on June 4, 2022. Thereby declaring that the constitutional rights to abortion and reproductive freedoms, upheld for nearly a half century, would no longer exist.

With roughly half of the states stating their acceptance of the overturn, several states were subjected to trigger laws that immediately placed the overturn into effect outlawing any and all abortions. This meant that many women were unable to seek safe and legal abortive measures and were immediately impacted by the ruling.

What This Means for The Election

As we near the midterm elections many are asking just how influential the overturn will be in voting? With a plethora of other pressing issues like inflation, student loans, the war in Ukraine, immigration, and the pandemic competing for the attention of voters, just how important is the issue of abortion?

The answer is, Very.


Unlike every other issue voters are asked about, abortion and the questions it raises about reproductive health are central to the lives of over 50% of the population in a way that no other issue in politics is or has ever been.

How the Overturn Impacted Voter Turnout

The Supreme Court’s decision overturning Roe v. Wade has increased voter turnout in this year’s general election as some “voters (50%) say the Court’s decision has made them more motivated to vote”. Abortion access and reproductive health has resulted in an increase voter turnout amongst women, particularly in states where abortion is currently illegal. However, all voters have expressed that they want to hear both local and state candidates address the overturn of Roe V Wade on the campaign trail. Moreover, state action on abortion seems to be a particularly motivating issue for Democratic voters in states that have a full abortion ban. 

Women’s Unique Role as Social Change Makers

Women have held a long standing role in influencing social change, political reform, and diversity. Without women on the front lines of social change many of our greatest political and social strides would not have been possible. It was the voices of women like Susan B. Anthony (Women’s Suffrage Movement), Marsha P. Johnson (Stonewall), Ruth Bader Ginsburg (U.S. v Virginia), and Diane Feinstein (AMBER Alert) that sparked powerful social revolutions and enabled change across the nation. Our diverse background as women and women identifying members of society place us in a unique position to better empathize with and understand those that are often sidelined and marginalized. Therefore, we are presented with a powerful opportunity to inspire change within our current social and political climate.  

Why Your Vote Matters

With women making up 51.1% of the U.S. Population , it is hard to sideline women and label them as the minority group of voters. With the overturning of Roe V. Wade it is more important than ever, to ensure that women are showing up to the ballots and casting their vote in hopes to protect their reproductive rights and freedoms. 

How to Get Registered & Informed

If you aren’t registered to vote you can do so here. The next step is to get informed, make a voting plan, and find neutral sources to help you shape your opinions on important issues regarding the election and local ballot measures. It is also important to make sure that you are aware of the ideologies of your local candidates given that they directly impact your local and state policies. 

Want to Join in on The Conversation?

Listen to this episode of my favorite podcast from @girlandthegovpodcast. And purchase cute merch & stickers to support voter education.

Every voice matters, every vote counts, and do not let anyone make you feel otherwise.