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Why We All Hate to Love Corinne on The Bachelor

Controversial but ever-so-entertaining The Bachelor contestant Corinne Olympios has all of us glued to our TV screens every Monday night, wondering what she will say or do next. Here are some of the best moments from this season’s lovable villain.

1. She’s constantly thinking about food: “I need sushi.” “I’d rather be having tacos, preferably chicken.”

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2. She has a great point about naps: “Like sorry guys. I napped. Michael Jordan took naps. Abraham Lincoln took naps. And I’m in trouble for napping.”

Source: Buzzfeed

3. She has a nanny at 24 years old… but wouldn’t that be awesome? Don’t pretend you actually like doing your own laundry.

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4. She describes what she brings to the table as…a husk of corn. “Peel back the layers of the husk for all the little pellets of information. They are juicy, and buttery. You want this corn.”

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5. She isn’t taking anyone’s crap. Literally. “I respect you for shoveling the poopie. I really do. But I had a serious hand situation.”

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6. She knows exactly what she wants. The girl is unapologetically herself. In her words, “I mean, we’re all competing for a fiancé here. Not a pickle.” True story, Corrine.

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